Improver Tai Chi Class at Inverness Leisure 

I am very pleased to announce that as well as  running a Tai Chi class at Milton of Leys Primary (THIS CLASS HAS NOW MOVED TO 34 HIGH STREET, times are 6 pm till 7:30 pm)school which takes place on Wednesdays during the school term, and is held in the community room 7:30 pm until 8:30 pm and a beginners Friday class at the Inverness Leisure center  11-12, sports hall 1 , I am now running a second improver class at Inverness Leisure center in sports hall 2 on Mondays 11 till 12.

This class is for people who practice Tai Chi and is more group based. We look at different parts of the Tai Chi form as well as weight transfer, breathing, cleaning up moves…you do not need to have practiced for very long to come along, but please note that learning the form now takes place on a Friday.

For all the classes please wear comfortable clothing and flat comfortable shoes, you might want to bring a bottle of water. Tai Chi has many great benefits provided that one practises regularly. This yang style, long form sequence helps you to relax whilst working out your whole body. The form classes are suitable for all abilities and levels as it can be adapted to suit the needs of each person. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience and learn Tai Chi in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

This new class is included on your highlife membership if you have one

For more information please check the following page here

Some Tai Chi benefits:

Balances your immune system

Builds your core muscles: has great long term benefits for people suffering from lower back problems and knee problems for example.

Stretches your ligaments to help you keep a full range of movements

Works on your body/mind/spirit connection, improving our general state of wellbeing

Tai Chi is also a great mood improver and can help when we are feeling low.

Come and try it for yourself and see how Tai Chi works for you

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