ALL good things come to those who wait…

Talks of the creation of an outdoor tai chi space at our place have certainly been doing the rounds this year. And I am pleased (and a bit scared) to announce that the work is underway! An outdoor space will enable us to do weapons work with a few people as well as hand forms work and Qigong. If you come for individual sessions and it’s a nice day we’ll also probably use it too. The space is directly in front of our house, it is sheltered and captures the sun very well indeed.

Don’t be afraid if you are passing the house on your way to sessions or courses! It’s only temporary and for the betterment of our tai chi and qigong.

Phase 1 is now complete, check out Murray’s handy work

This doesn’t look so scary until you enter the garden then it does scare you lol. However I am sure it will be worth it.

The second phase, will be all about building the wall and flattening the planters up top

Phase 3 will be the laying of the tiles for total tai chi experience!

In there somewhere I think a bagua circle is due to be installed too on the higher portion of the garden.


I’ll keep you all updated…

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