Reiki Workshops

New for 2019, after listening to your suggestions and feedback over the last few months, I have decided to trial new reiki workshops in 2019. These are designed to broaden your practice of reiki in a fun and practical way. The workshops are organised around a morning session and are very practical and hands on, as a result they will only run with 2 or more people with a maximum of 4 per workshop. These are open to all reiki practitioners (from level 1), if you haven’t trained with me, you can send me a copy of your most recent certificate.

The day will start at 9:30am and finish around 1 pm. The cost for these is £45.

You can book for the next Crystal Reiki Workshop on 25/08/19 Here

An attendance certificate will be delivered at the end.



Japanese Reiki Techniques Workshop

For those who want to explore more of the original system, this workshop will center around the practice of Japanese Reiki Techniques. We will choose and go over a few of the techniques to gain experience and to get a chance to practice those thoroughly. You may be familiar with some of  these from your courses but this will enable a deepening of the understanding of the techniques as well as building your experience.

We will cover such techniques as

-Byosen scanning

-Reiji Ho -Intuitive method of working

-Hatsurei Ho

-Tanden Breathing exercise- Makoto no Kokyu

-Method for the activation of Chakras-Chakra Kassei Kokyu Ho

-Tanden Treatment Method- Tanden Chiryo Ho

-Blood exchange techniques:

  • Keteuki Kokan
  • Hanshin Koketsu

-Kekko energetic massage


There are many more to choose from….





Crystal Reiki Workshop

This workshop is open to all reiki practioners who have an affinity with crystals and wish to find out how to get started with combining reiki with crystals. This will act as a practical introduction and you do not need any previous experience, again there are many tools available and techniques can be adjusted to you.

Note-For those who are Usui Master Teachers, you may wish to take the Crystal Reiki Master course.

In this workshop we will cover such aspects as

-Most common Crystals to get you started with in a nutshell

-Using your intuition when working with crystals

-quick overview of crystal clearing and charging

-What are and locating Chakras

-Setting up a simple chakra lay out for your session

-Using wands to clear person’s energy field

-Grounding using crystals


There are many more techniques to choose from…



Interested in these workshops,you can book and pay online, don’t forget to drop me a line with your details and aspirations for the workshop

or book direct with me

Helene Fleming

by phone or text 07985 983 160

by email

Through Facebook messenger


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