Tai Chi Workshops (beginners)

These Tai Chi workshops are open to beginners and people who started Tai Chi not long ago (or indeed anyone wishing to consolidate their knowledge of the 1st 17 moves). During these 3 hours we will use qigong practice to teach our body to learn how to work as a unit, learn tai chi stepping and we will focus on the first 17 moves of the Yang style, long form. This will let you see what Tai Chi is about as well as giving you enough to practice until the next workshop. What you need on the day is very simple, yourself with comfortable clothing and flat comfortable shoes/trainers.

Tai Chi and the 8 gates

This is the perfect introduction to Tai Chi! On this workshop you will have access to your teacher Helene Fleming as well as our assistant instructor. This way learning is easier and more relaxed.

During the 3 hours, there will be ample opportunity for practice and repetition as well as breaks whenever those are needed, snacks and a selection of teas will also be provided. The total cost for the workshop is £30.

For more information Please contact Helene Fleming, helenehealing@hotmail.com or 07985 983 160

Or use the links to book your place

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