This new Mindfulness and Meditation course will open new ways of being in your life. Being an active participant in your life rather than just watching from the sidelines whilst being whisked away by events, emotions and a multitude of other things. Sometimes life fells like it is happening to you rather than you being in the driving seat of your life. This can leave you feeling dissatisfied, and can create a number of issues some of which are cause by stress.

Time to pause and reclaim your life, your decision making processes, understand your emotions better and develop that loving kindness which is inherent to mindfulness. Learn to develop the self compassion and the non judgement!

This course focuses on introducing the practices of mindfulness and aims to give you an overview of what mindfulness is. We will look at life through the lens of mindfulness. This is a good basis to develop further. 

The course is organised around group zoom sessions once a week for 6 weeks. Those are 90 minutes each. And there will be further practices for you to visit through the weeks too. 

The course and all its sessions/contents will be available for the duration of the course and for a further 2 months thereafter, until February 7th 2021. This is to help you focus your practice and make the most out of the course. 

The course is capped at 10 participants so that I may be better able to support you through the weeks.

Each Session is 90 minutes, the dates are 2/11, 9/11, 16/11, 23/11, 30/11, 7/12. Start time for each session is 6pm finishing at 7:30 pm. 

You are encouraged to attend the live sessions as these will have Q&A time as well as practical time which will not show in the recordings. The recordings will be there as backup in case you do miss a class or wish to revisit the session.

What’s more! Because this is our first offering of this revisited mindfulness and meditation class we are offering a discount! The class will cost you only £80 instead of £100! That’s 20% off! An opportunity not to be missed!

Please make sure to create an account when purchasing the course, also please visit the ‘Help!’ page for videos on how to create an account and how to access your student’s account.

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