Tai Chi Skills


This course aims to teach you basic skills that you need to develop your Tai Chi movements.

These exercises can also be practiced if you are thinking of starting a tai chi class or you just want to get your body moving for general health improvement.

This course is open to most levels of fitness as we work very slowly through the basic skills needed to develop a good tai chi practice, good alignment and movement.

This will also be excellent for students who want to relax their bodies in a positive way



What Will I Learn?

  • -Relaxing the body and the mind
  • -Improving balance
  • -Working differently
  • -Learning basic skills
  • -Transferring weight
  • -Stepping
  • -Coordinating movement

Topics for this course

25 Lessons1h 12m 22s


This is a quick section for general information and house keeping
House keeping
What should I wear!!!
Basic Stances00:4:11

Warm Up?

Before any exercise, a gentle warm up is required

Learning to shift weight?

We do not always know how to transfer our weight efficiently. This section focuses on developing this skill

Rotating hips?

Learning to use the hips to entrain movement in the upper body

Simple Stepping Forward?

Looking at the first Tai chi step

Stepping backwards?

Learning to step backwards

Coordinating movement?

Learning to move the whole body in harmony


Cooling down and where to next

About the instructor

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Such a useful course!


Material Includes

  • Video, light reading


  • By signing up to this course, you are declaring that you are fit and healthy to undertake the course. You may want to seek medical advise before starting the course if you suffer from a medical condition.

Target Audience

  • Tai chi beginners, qigong practitioners, tai chi practitioners, anyone looking to improve mobility and balance.

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