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Because it isn’t always easy to get the right sort of items to support you when you are starting out or just continuing with your energy work and personal development, I have brought together a selection of crystals, oracle cards, incense, Pendulums and smudge items. 

Feel free to get a feel for the selection presented here and if you want just get in touch to come and check them out in person.

We now take contactless and card payments, as well as cash and cheques payments

Crystals and crystal jewellery 


Double ended crystal pendants £6.50



Smudge and incense


To get in touch with me Text or call on 07985983160


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Online Learning

Please find our online learning offerings here

Shamanic Journeying Level 1: 4 week course, classes are 90 minutes long. Learn the basics of Journeying for guidance and healing. We will learn to journey into the upper and lower worlds and retrieve power and guidance. This course is live and starts on Monday 13th of July at 7pm. I look forward to welcoming you onto the course.

For further information and booking please visit the link

This Drumming course will open you up to the experience of the drum and sound healing as well as connect you to your intuition and inner rhythms. This is on demand and ongoing through the Udemy platform. I do hope you will love the course, here is the link to sign up

Tai Chi Workshops (beginners)

These Tai Chi workshops are open to beginners and people who started Tai Chi not long ago (or indeed anyone wishing to consolidate their knowledge of the 1st 17 moves). During these 3 hours we will use qigong practice to teach our body to learn how to work as a unit, learn tai chi stepping and we will focus on the first 17 moves of the Yang style, long form. This will let you see what Tai Chi is about as well as giving you enough to practice until the next workshop. What you need on the day is very simple, yourself with comfortable clothing and flat comfortable shoes/trainers.

Tai Chi and the 8 gates

This is the perfect introduction to Tai Chi! On this workshop you will have access to your teacher Helene Fleming as well as our assistant instructor. This way learning is easier and more relaxed.

During the 3 hours, there will be ample opportunity for practice and repetition as well as breaks whenever those are needed, snacks and a selection of teas will also be provided. The total cost for the workshop is £30.

For more information Please contact Helene Fleming, or 07985 983 160

Or use the links to book your place

Tai chi & Qigong questionnaire

I have been thinking of bringing more classes in tai chi and Qigong in the Inverness and surrounding area. So here is are a few questions to see what it is YOU are looking for. I hope you will enjoy answering the polls and I look forward to seeing you soon in class

Please do let me know if you have further ideas that you would like to add.





Reiki shares

Reiki Shares have been offered at Highland  Healing Space for the past few years. Shares are a great way to meet other reiki practitioner and a great way to give and receive reiki. Our shares are open to practitioners of all lineage. If you have trained somewhere else and this is your first share make sure to send me a copy of one of your reiki certificates.

-Share dates are posted well in advance and shares take place quarterly so hopefully you will find the day free in your diary.

-The Share date is posted on this website and the Facebook page and group, if you cannot find a date, please just text or email me.

-To book for the share, all you need to do is tap the booking link below and pay the £5 booking fee and you will then be booked onto the share.

A Share whether it be big or small is a wonderful time for all. You are an important part of the process and your attendance is greatly valued. 

Next share will be on Sunday 12th of January 2020 from 10am till 1pm  Share is fully booked


Reiki Share

In order to book for the reiki share please use the follow payment button. Please note that the next Reiki Share on 12th of January 2020 is now fully booked, any payments made will go towards the next share.


Angelic Healing

A new Energy based healing modality is now in place at Highland Healing Space. Angelic  Healing is a beautiful way to heal and to connect with your guardian angel and the archangel energies. It is open to all, women and men, and powerfully puts you in touch with your self-healing abilities. Its can be very relaxing and can help put you in a very receptive state. It may also help release old patterns, emotions and thoughts which you may notice post session. In session we work with the main 4 watchtower Archangels energies and if you decide to do a complete session we also work with the main 7 archangels energies.

Uriel’s presence

What’s a session like:

When you come for your session, we will establish the main points of your visit together, then you will be invited to lie down on the massage table and relax. Angelic energy healing is very different from other session work in that there is very little direct physical interaction between yourself and myself. So it may be very suited to people who do not like being touched for example. The main interaction is at the end of the session when I bring you back, I will touch your feet/ankles to help ground you.

Afterwards we will have a chat about the session and any questions you may have and I will give you any insight that I picked up during the session.

Raphael and his heart centred healing energy

As well as session work, you can now take the ‘Angelic Healing Practitioner course’. This is a 2 day course (Saturday & Sunday) which focuses on your connection to the 4 main watchtower angels: Uriel, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel and during which you will connect to your guardian angel. Lots of practice is included in the course also so that you will feel confortable using the 4 step healing session on yourself with your friends and family, in an absentee manner and also with the wider public.

Hearing the Call

The course schedule includes:

-The earth grid and the elements

-The Angelic realm

-The 4 main Archangels: Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel

-Your guardian Angel

-Angels Crystals

-Running Healing sessions from preparation, to delivery to closing down

(this will form a major part of the course as you need to be very comfortable with all the steps)

-Running healing sessions, all you need to know from the business side.

Archangel Michael’s protection

The course is taught in a dynamic way utilising different teaching approaches: meditations, videos, demonstrations, practice, discussions, reflection time…

You will receive a full 97 page manual at the start of your course, and we advise that you read your manual every 6 months in order to uncover hidden depths and keep everything present and fresh in your mind.

Your certificate will be delivered at the end of the course and comes from the Academy of Ancient Magick and your training is accredited by the ‘International association of therapists’ (IAOTH) from whom you will get a certificate of accreditation and with whom you can register after your course.

The full course costs for the 2 days including a light vegetarian lunch on both days, tea/water, manual … is £175

The next course will take place on New date coming soon!

Please do get in touch for more information and to book directly with me either courses or sessions:

Contact Helene on 07985983160 or email

or use the form in the ‘contact us’ section

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Reiki Workshops

New for 2019, after listening to your suggestions and feedback over the last few months, I have decided to trial new reiki workshops in 2019. These are designed to broaden your practice of reiki in a fun and practical way. The workshops are organised around a morning session and are very practical and hands on, as a result they will only run with 2 or more people with a maximum of 4 per workshop. These are open to all reiki practitioners (from level 1), if you haven’t trained with me, you can send me a copy of your most recent certificate.

The day will start at 9:30am and finish around 1 pm. The cost for these is £45.

You can book for the next Crystal Reiki Workshop on 25/08/19 Here

An attendance certificate will be delivered at the end.



Japanese Reiki Techniques Workshop

For those who want to explore more of the original system, this workshop will center around the practice of Japanese Reiki Techniques. We will choose and go over a few of the techniques to gain experience and to get a chance to practice those thoroughly. You may be familiar with some of  these from your courses but this will enable a deepening of the understanding of the techniques as well as building your experience.

We will cover such techniques as

-Byosen scanning

-Reiji Ho -Intuitive method of working

-Hatsurei Ho

-Tanden Breathing exercise- Makoto no Kokyu

-Method for the activation of Chakras-Chakra Kassei Kokyu Ho

-Tanden Treatment Method- Tanden Chiryo Ho

-Blood exchange techniques:

  • Keteuki Kokan
  • Hanshin Koketsu

-Kekko energetic massage


There are many more to choose from….





Crystal Reiki Workshop

This workshop is open to all reiki practioners who have an affinity with crystals and wish to find out how to get started with combining reiki with crystals. This will act as a practical introduction and you do not need any previous experience, again there are many tools available and techniques can be adjusted to you.

Note-For those who are Usui Master Teachers, you may wish to take the Crystal Reiki Master course.

In this workshop we will cover such aspects as

-Most common Crystals to get you started with in a nutshell

-Using your intuition when working with crystals

-quick overview of crystal clearing and charging

-What are and locating Chakras

-Setting up a simple chakra lay out for your session

-Using wands to clear person’s energy field

-Grounding using crystals


There are many more techniques to choose from…



Interested in these workshops,you can book and pay online, don’t forget to drop me a line with your details and aspirations for the workshop

or book direct with me

Helene Fleming

by phone or text 07985 983 160

by email

Through Facebook messenger


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ALL good things come to those who wait…

Talks of the creation of an outdoor tai chi space at our place have certainly been doing the rounds this year. And I am pleased (and a bit scared) to announce that the work is underway! An outdoor space will enable us to do weapons work with a few people as well as hand forms work and Qigong. If you come for individual sessions and it’s a nice day we’ll also probably use it too. The space is directly in front of our house, it is sheltered and captures the sun very well indeed.

Don’t be afraid if you are passing the house on your way to sessions or courses! It’s only temporary and for the betterment of our tai chi and qigong.

Phase 1 is now complete, check out Murray’s handy work

This doesn’t look so scary until you enter the garden then it does scare you lol. However I am sure it will be worth it.

The second phase, will be all about building the wall and flattening the planters up top

Phase 3 will be the laying of the tiles for total tai chi experience!

In there somewhere I think a bagua circle is due to be installed too on the higher portion of the garden.


I’ll keep you all updated…

Karuna Ki Training


The Karuna Ki training focuses your reiki practice on embodying love and compassion. There are 2 practitioner levels that you can take if you have studied to Usui Reiki 2nd Degree.

The Master course is open to all Usui Reiki Masters who have been practising for a while and are committed to their Reiki practice.

Karuna means compassionate action and in this course you are given symbols and techniques to work with, to heal yourself and others in a much wider sense.


Karuna Ki Practitioner 1 & 2 Course combined. (Please note that you can also take these 2 levels separately, ask me for details)

The prerequisite for this course is to have studies Usui Reiki to 2nd Degree.

New date coming soon, Please do get in touch to register your interest

The workshop is taken over a weekend working from 10 am till 4.30/5pm on both days. In this course you will learn:

-The origins of Karuna Ki

-4 Practitioner Level 1 symbols, activation and uses

-4 Practitioner Level 2 symbols, activation and uses

-Healing the Shadow Self

-Practical work

-Working with guides

-Chanting and Toning

-You will receive the Practitioner 1 attunement as well as the Practitioner 2 attunement.


If you are working at this level and have now completed your Usui Master Teacher Level please get in touch if you wish to organise the Master teacher course over a weekend, which will focus on the following aspects

-4 Master level symbols and their applications

– How to give attunements

-Chanting and toning (developing your intuition)

– 4 Karuna Ki Do meditations

-Specific Karuna Scanning techniques using mudras.

-Practice for attunements, meditations and scanning techniques

-Receiving your Master attunement.


Karuna Ki Master Teacher Intensive course: This course combines Practitioner 1 and 2 as well as Master level.

The prerequisite for this course is to have studied to Usui Master Teacher level.

This course is taken over 2 weekends back to back working from 10am to 5pm, giving you plenty of time to practice and absorb the teachings and energies. (if you wish to arrange an alternative, do get in touch as there are no time limits and the 2 weekends could be organised with more time in between if this is more convenient)

In this course you will learn:

-How Karuna came into being

– Attunement

-4 practitioner level 1 symbols and their applications

-4 practitioner level 2 symbols and their applications

-4 Master level symbols and their applications

– How to give attunements (2 different methods and overview of other methods)

-Chanting and toning

-4 Karuna Ki Do meditations

-Specific Karuna Scanning techniques using mudras.


For more information or to arrange to meet up please get in touch either by 

phone or text 07985 983 160


through the Facebook PM