Wednesday Tai Chi class **** Updated****

The Wednesday Tai Chi Class is taking a break just now, it may be back in the future if there is enough interest…

Look out for new things happening on Wednesday evenings and Saturday workshops


I am pleased to let you know the changes for the Tai Chi Qigong class on Wednesdays. As of wednesday 18th of April ’18, the class will operate on the following basis:

1-The formal class will last 1 hour with an extra 30 minutes for weapons forms and extended personal practice.

2-The class will focus on Tai Chi although we will still use a qigong form to warm up. This form will change from time to time.

3-The class will now be charged by the block. If you come regularly to the class, then you will be charged by the block. Blocks (for now) will be 5 or 6 weeks in a row. A 6 week block will be charged at £30, a 5 week block will be charged at £25. This will enable the class to be managed in a more continuous way.

If you wish to join through the block: Then yes you can do this. You can attend a trail class (£7) if you wish and when you decide to sign up for the class you will be charged pro rata for the number of weeks left in the block.


If you are unsure about any of the changes or want more information about the class, then get in touch on 07985 983 160

or email


*****************END OF UPDATE*********************

As you know a few months ago our wednesday evening class moved premises. It has been nearly 6 months and I feel a review is now due.

As it stands I am looking at shortening the class from 1h 30 to an hour, and to move the focus of the class. I am also looking at alternative modes of payments.

I would appreciate if you could take the time to fill in the questions below.

-The first question regards you prefered length for the class,

-Secondly, we look at the type of class

-Finally we look at the way to pay for the class


Thank you for taking the time to review these, I aim to keep the class relevant to you so please additional input is also welcome


text -07985983160



Wednesday tai chi is moving!

Our Wednesday evening tai chi class is moving premises. From Wednesday 25th of October the class, which used to be held in Milton of Leys primary, will now be held at 34 high street (Yee’s hung ga Kung fu school). The time is also changing and is being brought forward to start at 6pm, the class will run until about 7:30pm. In this class we will now have time to do some qigong warm up before starting our tai chi practice which is a great bonus. 

Prices remains as before, £7 for a single session or £35 for a 6 session card. 

Just bring a warm jersey, maybe a yoga mat, some water, flat shoes and you are all set!

Please do get in touch if you have questions 


Qigong workshops ***updated***

******Workshops Updates******

We had a fantastic time at the workshops this weekend and I personaly learnt much about qigong! The workshops were delivered by a teacher very knowledgable, compassionate and totally passionate about his subject. John Munro has given us an invaluable gift during this time, it is now up to ourselves to cultivate this.

Thank you to all of you who came to the workshops , I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did, and if you would like to have more of these types of workshops next year please don’t hesitate to feed this back to me. Any other feedback also very welcome, if you’d like to see a different location, or a different time, other topics covered….

Qigong Workshop 20/05/17


Workshop 2 Waves

Workshop 2 working the legs

Workshop 21/05/17


*****Happy practice*****



I am delighted to announce that John Munro from Long White Cloud Qigong will be visiting Inverness in May to take 2 qigong workshops. The dates for these will be Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of May 2017.

Workshop details:

Each workshop will last 2 hours and they will be held at the Inverness Royal Academy

Saturday 20-05-17 workshop running from 9am till 11am

Sunday 21-05-17 workshop running from 10am till 12 midday

The first workshop will be on Qigong foundation practices, which gives you a good grounding in breathing and working on your 12 meridians. There are specific movements which can be learnt to keep those meridians functioning well and in good health.

The second workshop will be on ‘Enter the flow’, this is excellent practice to give you a feel for energy in your body, and also to be very consciously and slowly moving in harmony with our bodies. A lot of my tai chi students will have been working on this module as a part of their tai chi.

These workshops are great for anyone looking to find out what Qigong is all about, but also if you are a reiki practitioner and /or do tai chi these will be invaluable. I heard someone say recently that ‘Tai chi without Qigong is like a Lamborghini without gas’…

To find out more about the courses that these workshops refer to, you can check out John’s website

They are the 1st and 3rd courses listed. John has also written a book on Qigong foundation practices which is available on amazon.

Workshop prices:  we are running these as ‘give freely, receive freely’, whilst not free it means you can give what you feel comfortable giving, what you feel is right. Donations will go to help John with his travel expenses. Your donations make these workshops happen. You can pay by cash on the day or before hand by bank transfer or cheque, contact me for details.

To register your interest and book your place and for more information please get in touch with me Helene Fleming

By email

Phone or text 07985983160

Or PM me on Facebook

TAi chi room update for week of 1st of May 2017

Because of the local elections this week our classes are being moved around a little


monday 1st of May : Inverness Leisure, 11-12 in Colin Bailie room , that’s upstairs next to the cafe

wednesday 3rd of May : our Milton of Leys primary school class is moved just for this week to Hilton community center. Time remains 7:30 till 8:30.

friday 5th of May: Inverness Leisure, 11-12 in lower deck lounge, that’s facing the pond, next to the pool.


we will all be back to normal next week! If you are unsure about any of this please phone,  text or email

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day 2017 ***updated***

We had a fab and very well attended day practising

Qigong and Tai Chi

You made this day very special indeed by your presence.Thank you to all who attended, you made this a very special day indeed

Check out the photos and videos

Special mention to Hazel for putting yourself out there and doing the sword display with me, many thanks.

Preparing to do the Tai Chi hand form, 108 moves


Hard working students preparing for hand form practice


This Year for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, Highland Healing Space is organising an event. Unlike last year’s event which took place outdoors, this year the community room has been booked at Milton of Leys Primary school, just in case the weather is not quite what we expect…

The event is open to all, we will practice some qigong and some taichi, and hopefully there will be some of us to hand to do some displays.

The venue: Milton of Leys Primary School, community school
The date : 29th of April 2017
The time : 10 am till 11.30 am
The Price: Free

Please book your place with me and don’t hesitate to share with others.

Here is what the founders of WTCQD say about the event

At 10 am on the “last Saturday of April” each year, in 60 nations and 50 US states, hundreds of mass Tai Chi & Qigong exhibition events, open to the public are held to educate about Tai Chi & Qigong health benefits.
Beginning with the earliest time zones of New Zealand and then occuring at 10 am local time spanning 60 nations to end with the final events in the last time zones of Hawaii.
All are welcome. Find local events you can join at, or if there isn’t one in your area, you may start one yourself by using the free resources at the “Schools Resources” at
Feel free to post this announcement everywhere you can, as WTCQD is a global volunteer event that depends on all who’ve benefited from tai chi & qigong to help spread the world of this extraordinary global health & healing event.
This event has been recognized by the United Nations World Health Organization, and proclaimed officially for 17 US states by their governors, as well as senates, legislatures and mayors of various countries.
It has been covered or served as a source for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post, Reader’s Digest, USA Weekend, CNN, FOX National News, and over 100 media worldwide.
Get this years “exact date” and learn more at:

Celebrating one year of Tai Chi at MOL

On Wednesday 1st of March the class at Milton of Leys Primary school will be celebrating its 1st anniversary .

Here are the details of our open evening, please feel free to pass them on to whomever you feel will benefit or be interested:

Tai Chi Open evening, Wednesday March 1st 2017
Celebrating our first anniversary at Milton of Leys
Come and try Tai Chi for free with our friendly group
Beginners very welcome
7:30 pm till 8:30 pm
Location: Milton of Leys Primary school, Community room


Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages and improves
* Health * Wellbeing  *  Balance * Relaxation *
*Core *Agility * Focus * Memory *


Just turn up on the day or for more information get in touch with
Helene Fleming on 07985 983 160
or email
Or PM me on

Qigong sessions

I am now very pleased to be able to offer one to one Qigong sessions. Qigong is an excellent way to maintain your health in a very gentle manner. It contains low to moderate intensity exercises as well as breath work and meditations. Historically it has been as part of Chinese medicine to keep oneself healthy.

From my own experience I can say that it raises one’s own energy levels, helps you to recover quicker from colds… it also helps tackle more specific problems and helps destress you.

Here are a few more thoughts on why you may want to consider qigong as your next step:

  • If you think you may not be able to cope with Tai Chi then Qigong may very well be the answer, the movement forms are much shorter to learn and the focus is also a little different. There is also a lot of other work involved which requires very little movement.
  • If you are a Tai Chi practitioner then Qigong will help you reach the next level in your practice. It will help you understand a lot of the principles of Tai Chi thus unleashing the benefits of your practice.
  • If you are a Reiki practitioner then Qigong will help deepen your connection and understanding of what Qi is. You will gain a better  feel for Qi flow as you work not just with meditations but also physical exercises that will add to your perception and will help clear and maintain your energy pathways and field.

If you’d like more information or you are ready to book your first session then please get in touch with me Helene Fleming

either by phone of text 07985 983 160


or through the Facebook page

I look forward to working with you.


Improver Tai Chi Class

This class is open to all who attend the Friday class (or a tai chi class regularly) and want more practice and wish to improve their understanding of the form, breath work, how qi works… Currently we are working a qigong set at the beginning of this class and we will be developing our listening skills in the tai chi set over the next while, which will include some light partner work. 

The Friday class is a beginner/ general practice class, where we introduce the form and it is officially our beginners class. 

These classes are both part of your highlife membership  if you have one.



Hope to see many of you there, happy practice 

New style sessions for Reiki, Meditation and Tai Chi

A fresh look at how sessions work

If you are feeling out of sync, stressed out, or that things are not quite right… Maybe you feel like there is something missing from your life? A lot of us go through life seeking, looking to ‘improve ‘ our condition, whether that is because we have a physical issue or a mental and/or emotional trouble, or sometimes we search to explore further afield.

Help is at hand! I am currently revising the way session work is being proposed at Highland Healing Space, so we can tailor the contents of your sessions to your needs. When we first meet we will talk about your interests, the things that brought you here, and which modalities you are interested in, we will also examine the outcomes you are looking for. Working in this way you are truly empowered to make the choices that are right for you!

From my point of view working in this way means that your sessions will be that much more effective and we can focus on what is needed. So for example if you would like to do some tai chi and some meditation we can work them both into your session. If you feel reiki is the thing for you we can look at all the different tools and choose which ones we think will be best suited.

You can have a look at the modalities that I propose on the reiki, meditation and tai chi pages and then you can get in touch to book your 1st session.

For Tai Chi, Meditation and Qigong sessions time will usually last around one hour,  although the first session can take a little longer, because of the set up process. Comfortable clothing, and grippy socks are advised.

Reiki sessions last  one hour and a half minimum.

If you have questions or wish to book your first session please do get in touch either through the phone or text 07985983160, email or facebook.

Starting well with tai chi!

I wanted to talk a little about what to expect when you first attend our Tai Chi classes. When you first come to the class you will be introduced to our warm up which we practice as a group. We then usually go over the first 17 moves of the tai chi set which form your foundations and is also referred to as the 1st third. It also gives you a more global view of what we do and allows you to play around with the moves.Because the class is a multi level class we then split into groups and I spend a while with each group level to introduce moves, to break them down and to spend time refining them. During your first class we will probably only break down 2 or 3 moves, which you then will have to retain and refine. Towards the end of class we usually bring things back together and practice either a full set or the first 17 moves again depending on how much time we have. At the end of the Wednesday class we usually also do a cool down.

Tai Chi takes a while to learn and it is good to remember that it is referred to as meditation in motion. When you practice your new moves it is good to get into a meditative state or to just ‘chill out’. I see beginners sometimes getting impatient and thinking they can handle a lot more than they are given. Bear in mind that some of the practitioners in the class have been attending for 1 or 2 years and therefore they will have more moves to practice. Remember also that we shouldn’t rush and hurry through the first moves. The first few moves that we learn are not just about moving our body in a certain way, they are also about getting into a certain frame of mind, one of awareness and openness.

Awareness about what we are actually doing, about how we feel the moves inside our bodies, about what it is that we are trying to achieve.

Openness towards what you are learning. Things may feel completely alien at first, however if we keep an open mind then we can get to the core of the practice.

It is also pointless to introduce and breakdown 10 new moves during your first class as little will be retained and practised. Tai Chi is learnt slowly and through lots of repetition, amongst other things it teaches us patience and resilience!

Tai Chi is part of Kung Fu, and is developed through hard and repetitive work. It is expected that newcomers should commit to tai chi for a while as it does take a few weeks for students to develop a feel for their practice and also to start gaining the benefits.

Tai Chi is definitely not about ego, it is not about being able to perform some cool moves, or about competition. I respect each and every practitioner for who they are and try to work at their own pace. Tai Chi is about a personal journey of developing and maintaining our own personal energetic, physical, mental and emotional equilibrium. For some it also becomes part of a spiritual journey.

Tai Chi is non religious, it is open to all. When you come to the class you will be treated with respect, understanding and non judgement and I hope you can approach your class in the same way.

I hope you will enjoy your classes, and that you know that I am always there to answer your burning questions or to demonstrate a move again and again. That is all part of the fun! 🌟