What is a Path finding session?

As the name indicated these sessions are about finding clarity when we are stuck! Instead of mentalising and going round and round in circle we bring in powerful tools into the session to cut through the cloudiness that our dear brain can cast on things and we can then bring in our intuition to see which doors are open to us, and which energies are around us !

During these session we bring in meditation to open and ground ourselves as well as tarot and oracle cards to spark our creative self and connect to our intuition. As you ponder the different aspects of the situation I will help guide you to different aspects of your queries and see what rings true for you. 

These sessions are fun and very informative! They can also be used as a healing tool!

Where, when, how much ?

These sessions can take place in person or on Zoom. 

Contact me to agree a day and time for your session helenehealing@hotmail.com or 07985983160

These sessions are just £35 for 1 hour!

I look forward to working with you!