About Reiki courses & Workshops:

How do I learn Reiki?

Usui Reiki is traditionally taught in 3 or 4  levels : 1st degree, 2nd degree Master Practitioner (3a or ART) and Master Teacher level (3b). Second degree is seen as the ‘practitioner’ level and most people will take the first 2 courses, leaving a few months in between. Some people will decide to progress to Master Practitioner (3a or ART), and some, after a few more months, sometimes years, will feel called to progress towards Reiki Master Teacher. After that some will feel drawn to taking their practice to Karuna Ki, which is a way of working with the energy which is heart and compassion focused. Wherever your path takes you is entirely up to you, I will be here to help and assist you.

The training I have put in place for you gives you access to quality teaching material, a broad scope of techniques to work with, ongoing support and lots of practical work. Training from level 1 right through to Master teacher gives you access to 60 hours of face to face training as well as home study hours, so that you get to know all the aspects of working with Reiki and are comfortable with them.

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Reiki 1st Degree here

Reiki 2nd Degree here

Master Practitioner (ART-3a) here

Reiki Master teacher Course (3-b) here

Reiki Workshops enable you to deepen your practice and introduce different elements to it too. Please do check out our workshop page Reiki Workshops

Reiki works for everyone, so you do not need any special qualities or abilities.

Uplifting and empowering, my courses are organised around your needs for healing and growth. I put at your disposal a wealth of experience and years of practical work and reflection. I am registered with the International Reiki Organization which sets high standards of ethics.

All my courses are set up and organised to give you time and space to heal and grow within a safe and peaceful environment.

After the course you will have access to support via email, reiki shares and on our online Facebook support group:

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If you wish to sign up to an organisation that will support you as a Reiki practitioner or Teacher then please consider joining the International Reiki Organization.

The link will take you to the sign up page, there is a once is a lifetime fee and then you have access to all the things the platform puts together for its members including a forum and business tools as well as special insurance deals. I do receive a small fee for recommending them however I recommend them because they have the highest code of ethics and are respectful of their members.

For those of you who do not know me but are thinking of booking onto a course, I would always advise that we meet or at least have a chat before booking yourself on a course, for all Master courses meeting is indispensable before you decide to book, this can take the form of an informal chat, or you can attend one of the reiki shares (or several!). 
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