The Karuna Ki training focuses your reiki practice on love and compassion. There are 2 practitioner levels that you can take if you are not an Usui Master teacher.  The master course is open to all Usui Reiki Masters who have been practising for a while and are committed to their Reiki practice. Karuna means compassionate action and in this course you are given symbols and techniques to work with, to heal yourself and others in a much wider sense.

-Practitioner courses available


Karuna Ki Master teacher course

In this course you will learn

-How Karuna came into being

– Attunement

-4 practitioner level 1 symbols and their applications

-4 practitioner level 2 symbols and their applications

-4 Master level symbols and their applications

– How to give attunements

-Chanting and toning

-Karuna Ki Do meditations

-Specific Karuna Scanning techniques using mudras.

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