About Reiki sessions:


Tap into peace and tranquility during your session

Session work is hugely beneficial to reduce stress, can improve healing as it can successfully be combined with other healing modalities, boosting their effect, it can help you with pain management and cope with long standing/chronic problems, it can also help you feel more centered and ready to take on life. Of course let’s not forget that a session will make you feel great and some pampering can be all that you need.

During a session I will take a short history of anything you wish to mention, see how you are feeling on the day and see if there is anything, you would like to focus on for your session. Our main focus will be on the reiki session. Afterwards you are given a short time to have a drink, ground yourself and give a little feedback if you want. Reiki is a non talking therapy, and in fact it is better for you to give yourself time to fully let the session sink in and absorb its effects, at the end of sessions we may do a short grounding meditation if it is needed.

You can book a session when you are ready, we will take the time during your first session to talk about what your needs are as a starting point. Each treatment is tailored to you, your needs and I will offer you all that I feel is needed in your session, you then make the choice of what you want included. You should set aside an hour and a half for a full session, or you can decide to book a quicker one hour session. Please specify at time of booking.

Reiki is very rich in techniques and does not only involve receiving treatments on a massage couch. Whilst receiving reiki in this way is definitely beneficial, combining it with other healing Reiki practises such as Reiki energetic massage or guided Reiki meditations  will unlock more of your self healing potential, it will also help de-stress you.

Sessions take place in our beautiful, dedicated room in Inverness.

If you live far away or you would like to enquire about distance treatments please get in touch. We can connect before hand. I do those treatments in real time and you are a full participant at your end.

For prices please consult the Price List Page.

For more information and to book your reiki session please either call or text me on 07985 983 160

or email me helenehealing@hotmail.com

Reiki sessions replenish your energy centers


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