‘I really enjoyed the course. It’s a great introduction to Reiki. The manual and CDs were very informative and laid out well. Everything was explained very clearly. We were given plenty of time to express views and ask questions. I really enjoyed the practical work. I feel I will be able to set up an effective reiki routine, The CD  is very easy to follow. I loved attending Reiki 1 course, A great way to spend the week end, Brilliant tutor.’

Mrs A.C.  Reiki 1st degree student

‘My expectations were few for reiki 1 st Degree, but those were certainly met! Indeed, they were exceeded, really. It did feel very pertinent to what I was hoping for- a way to better understand how reiki works and what it ‘is’ , as well as a more practical connection to it. 

The mix of materials (oral, written, face to face ) was very good for learning and prep, as well as for looking back on. I think it was all helpful and well presented. I like having such a clear record of my lineage too’

Ms S.H.  Reiki 1st and 2nd degree student

All easy to understand , Good teacher. A good experience which has added benefits to my life

Mrs C.B.  Reiki 1st and 2nd degree Student

 To be able to take Reiki 1st degree with Helene was a great opportunity that I had the grand idea to have! I suffer from spasmophilia and was going through a particularly difficult time, between having near constant respiratory spasms and very painful contractures. Since receiving the empowerments to Reiki 1st degree, I have never since felt helpless in the face of such problems. The self treatments and specific meditations that Helene proposes in order to , at last , be able to care for oneself in the broader sense, have become for me an indispensable daily tool. It has given me the opportunity to manage my seizures, which have become a lot less problematic. Helene is a very caring practitioner, who listens, is attentive and is passionate about her topic. Her advice is precious. I wholeheartedly recommend her courses particularly to those who like me suffer from stress and are of an anxious nature.

Mrs M.C.V. Reiki 1st degree student

I just wanted to thank you very much indeed for my reiki course ,
Having received several reiki sessions from you and so knowing the very real benefits of the deep relaxation and reduced stress levels achieved by them I was very keen to learn more, but I have to say was doubtfull that I would really be able to deliver reiki to myself and others, but with your expert tutoring I am now able to do just that, and I now find myself dispensing reiki to my two children and myself when ever the need arises, with great effect ! Thank you for such a life enhancing gift!

Mr J.M.F. Reiki 1st degree student

I received my reiki training as well as attunements and empowerments from Helene over 3 consecutive years, starting with Reiki 1st degree, then moving on to Reiki 2nd degree, and finally took my Advanced Reiki Training. Her teaching has always been clear and precise and of great help in order to be able to practice these energy healing techniques. The attunements and empowerments were a very interesting personal experience: very positive feelings and a sense of transformation. Helene also remains very present and available to her students after class for instance if you are unsure or have forgotten how to practice certain aspects or if you need more precisions. I make regular use of all the techniques that were taught to me through all 3 levels both on myself and others in order to them help out and so that we may find our healing path.

Mrs C.V. Reiki 1st and 2nd degree and ART student

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The views expressed here are quotes taken directly from written students’ feedback/testimonials, expressed in their own words, sharing their own experience. In sharing these I am not claiming that Reiki can help with any specific medical condition. I always advise clients and students to seek appropriate medical advice and that Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment from a medical doctor.