Biofield Therapy, involves working with unweighted tuning forks and working within your biofield.

What is the biofield:

The biofield is often referred to as your aura or your energy field which surrounds your physical body.

It is thought that throughout our lives we store energetic information within our biofield and in time this can weight us down.


How does Biofield therapy work?

Biofield therapy works with 7 tuning forks each tuned to one of your main 7 chakras. The therapist sweeps the biofield with each one of the tuning forks in turn starting at the root and working her way up to the crown.

Along each line and working through the biofield, particular points will be picked up and the therapist will stay there longer in order to resolve what has been picked up to bring it into resonance. Some people think of the process as being similar to a soul retrieval process, where they have reintegrated parts of themselves. Other people feel much lighter as a result and full of energy.

The complete session lasts for around 1h and 30 mins (including debrief) and costs £40.


Why should I book for biofield therapy?

First of all because this therapy works on your whole timeline you only need come for a session once (or once every 10 years!).

A treatment can help you become more centred and balanced. It can help reset your nervous system which may help with chronic issues. It can also help make you more aware of your patterns and your inner workings.


These are the tuning forks we use in session


‘My biofield therapy session was like having my energy field reset!  For the first couple of days after the session I did feel like major adjustments were going on, after that on day 3 I started feeling great and having more energy. I feel like the session has shifted things energetically for me. I very much enjoyed my session. ‘


To book your session please get in touch with Helene

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