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Qigong workshops ***updated***

******Workshops Updates******

We had a fantastic time at the workshops this weekend and I personaly learnt much about qigong! The workshops were delivered by a teacher very knowledgable, compassionate and totally passionate about his subject. John Munro has given us an invaluable gift during this time, it is now up to ourselves to cultivate this.

Thank you to all of you who came to the workshops , I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did, and if you would like to have more of these types of workshops next year please don’t hesitate to feed this back to me. Any other feedback also very welcome, if you’d like to see a different location, or a different time, other topics covered….

Qigong Workshop 20/05/17


Workshop 2 Waves

Workshop 2 working the legs

Workshop 21/05/17


*****Happy practice*****



I am delighted to announce that John Munro from Long White Cloud Qigong will be visiting Inverness in May to take 2 qigong workshops. The dates for these will be Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of May 2017.

Workshop details:

Each workshop will last 2 hours and they will be held at the Inverness Royal Academy

Saturday 20-05-17 workshop running from 9am till 11am

Sunday 21-05-17 workshop running from 10am till 12 midday

The first workshop will be on Qigong foundation practices, which gives you a good grounding in breathing and working on your 12 meridians. There are specific movements which can be learnt to keep those meridians functioning well and in good health.

The second workshop will be on ‘Enter the flow’, this is excellent practice to give you a feel for energy in your body, and also to be very consciously and slowly moving in harmony with our bodies. A lot of my tai chi students will have been working on this module as a part of their tai chi.

These workshops are great for anyone looking to find out what Qigong is all about, but also if you are a reiki practitioner and /or do tai chi these will be invaluable. I heard someone say recently that ‘Tai chi without Qigong is like a Lamborghini without gas’…

To find out more about the courses that these workshops refer to, you can check out John’s website


They are the 1st and 3rd courses listed. John has also written a book on Qigong foundation practices which is available on amazon.

Workshop prices:  we are running these as ‘give freely, receive freely’, whilst not free it means you can give what you feel comfortable giving, what you feel is right. Donations will go to help John with his travel expenses. Your donations make these workshops happen. You can pay by cash on the day or before hand by bank transfer or cheque, contact me for details.

To register your interest and book your place and for more information please get in touch with me Helene Fleming

By email helenehealing@hotmail.com

Phone or text 07985983160

Or PM me on Facebook

Qigong sessions

I am now very pleased to be able to offer one to one Qigong sessions. Qigong is an excellent way to maintain your health in a very gentle manner. It contains low to moderate intensity exercises as well as breath work and meditations. Historically it has been as part of Chinese medicine to keep oneself healthy.

From my own experience I can say that it raises one’s own energy levels, helps you to recover quicker from colds… it also helps tackle more specific problems and helps destress you.

Here are a few more thoughts on why you may want to consider qigong as your next step:

  • If you think you may not be able to cope with Tai Chi then Qigong may very well be the answer, the movement forms are much shorter to learn and the focus is also a little different. There is also a lot of other work involved which requires very little movement.
  • If you are a Tai Chi practitioner then Qigong will help you reach the next level in your practice. It will help you understand a lot of the principles of Tai Chi thus unleashing the benefits of your practice.
  • If you are a Reiki practitioner then Qigong will help deepen your connection and understanding of what Qi is. You will gain a better  feel for Qi flow as you work not just with meditations but also physical exercises that will add to your perception and will help clear and maintain your energy pathways and field.

If you’d like more information or you are ready to book your first session then please get in touch with me Helene Fleming

either by phone of text 07985 983 160

email helenehealing@hotmail.com

or through the Facebook page


I look forward to working with you.