Tai chi Ball Qigong

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New class starting on 19th of April 2023

Details of the class:

This class will run weekly, on Wednesday mornings at 10am

Length: 1 hour

Venue: Balloch Hall, which is right next to Balloch primary school

Price: £7 per session, billed monthly, pro rata to the number of weeks in the month.

Type of class: Tai chi ball qigong is essentially a qigong class, which will work towards reinforcing the body particularly the core, back and leg muscles. We will work more general qigong also as we start with around 10/15 minutes of ball work which in time extends to the hour.

You can start with empty hands, or you can get a 7inch pilates ball to start with and help you focus.

To derive maximum benefit from the practice, a 6 inch, 1 kilo starter wooden ball is recommended. In time this can increase to a 7in medium ball weighing around 2Kg and the 8in weight 3 to 3.5Kg. Some people practice with more weight and some with less, there are starter balls around 0.7kg

If you feel committed and wish to invest in a wooden ball and derive maximum benefits, I will help you source an adequate wooden ball, those start around £50 plus postage.

Medium 2Kg, 7 in tai chi wooden ball

This class is particularly beneficial to get in shape and work the whole body as a coherent unit, great for people suffering from back pain. We will learn to soften the body and as well as working in stillness, walking, bagua walking, circling, rotating…

Small, 6in, 1 kg tai chi wooden ball

Sign up today: you can get in touch with me to add your name to the class list,

Phone or text: Helene, 07985983160 or email helenehealing@hotmail.com