September 2020

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For Tai chi and Qigong

As you know, some sport’s centres are reopening next week and as of Friday 4th of September you’ll be able to catch my tai chi classes at Inverness Leisure centre. No other Centres are reopening the tai chi classes just yet. 

Please check with Inverness Leisure for all questions, queries etc. 

I will be carrying on with our Qigong classes on Wednesday at 11am just now and online, Set to be Thursday at 10am just now. The in person classes are run under shelter, still outdoors and the online class is through zoom. You can also choose to catch up after the class by using the weekly link. You can find the sign up for these classes in our shop or you can get in touch


Other news! 

We now have a newsletter which will give you more details about upcoming events and classes, please don’t hesitate to sign up for free and get the tai chi skills course for FREE.


Look out for more classes coming up!

In September, We bring Shamanic journey level 2 to you, to explore more of this wonderful practice together.