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Please find our online learning offerings here

Qigong Meditation and Moving Energy Classes:

This is a 6 week class of 1 hour each week, on the calendar all 6 classes will be highlighted as bookable, Please select one date for the booking process, just know that you are signing up to all 6.

This very special course will be great if you have practiced qigong, meditation or yoga before in some form or are a reiki practitioner or are looking to invite more mindfulness into your life.

In these sessions we will focus on:

  1. Activation of energy through particular points on the body.
  2. Focusing on moving energy through the organs throughout the body.
  3. Particular breathing exercises that help move chi and helps us feel centred.
  4. Focus on meditating whilst moving chi through the body in patterns.

The flow of the sessions will be more yin oriented, these sessions are not exercise classes and invite a different aspect of Qigong in. These are good for all levels of physical fitness.

Each week we will discover more about the practice, uncovering more as we go.

*Note: all classes take place on Zoom, when you have booked yourself onto the course, a welcome email will be sent to you with all the information and zoom address you will need*

For further information and booking please visit the link

This Drumming course will open you up to the experience of the drum and sound healing as well as connect you to your intuition and inner rhythms. This is on demand and ongoing through the Udemy platform. I do hope you will love the course, here is the link to sign up

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