Sound Baths

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Sound Baths in our studio in Inverness, next date upcoming, you can book through the shop page or get in touch with me directly!

‘Sound meditation’ in our studio, next date will be mOnday 25/09/23, read about this new offering lower down on this page, First offering is on special offer at just £15!

Our Sound Baths are designed to take you on a journey of relaxation and self discovery through sound and give your body and mind that pure chill out time. The acoustic sound from the instruments that are used has been found to have a very beneficial effect for listeners. For this reason, we only use our own instruments, no electric or plugged in music is used, no cds or mp3s, only pure sound which is provided by an array of carefully chosen instruments.

Each sound generated by the instruments will work with you in different ways, as the vibrations are different. Often what is reported to be felt is a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. People can also have releases during a sound bath and may feel different emotions wash over them. I would emphasise the deep meditative state that you may find yourself entering, this is due to the sound waves’ interaction with your brain waves, as you gear down from everyday Beta waves to Alpha waves which are relaxed, sometimes you get to Theta waves that take you to a deeply relaxed state on the edge of sleep. So if you are curious as to what sound baths are like and what you can get out of them I would advice that you book with us.

What’s new in our sound baths…. Our group sessions in the studio are just about to restart and they are much more special than ever! You have a better proximity to the instruments, we work with an intention setting, we only work with the best instruments, the sound is supported with colour pomanders and quintessences, this way we engage not only with the sound and the awesome alchemies of the instruments but also we take a moment to connect to light / colour , essences and the beautiful smells contained in the substances. A truly unique experience!

I am now working with Crystal Tone® alchemies singing bowls, these give a totally awesome approach to sound and I cannot wait to share these beautiful vibrations with you!

We care deeply about our clients and presently are only offering our soundbaths in our studio, which is a great space and you do not have to worry about bringing anything as we provide thai beds, blankets and cushions.

What you need for your sound bath:

Nothing! soundbaths in our studio are so easy to get into, all you need to do is book and turn up on the day!

Some people like to bring an eye pillow or scarf, if you want to experience darkness and not be distracted by light coming through windows etc.

What happens on the day:

On the day you can start arriving about 10 minutes before the sound bath so that we may start on time.

You make yourself comfortable and then relax and enjoy your journey.

As the sound bath begins you will be given the opportunity to work with Aura-Soma pomanders and Quintessences to support your sound experience. During our sound baths there will be gentle lead in and when your journey is underway you may experience Gong playing, Crystal singing bowls, drumming, as well as other instruments. There is no definite layout as sounds have to feel right on the day. There may be some short pauses for you to integrate each part of the journey, at the end lighter sounds are used to bring you back, and eventually we invite silence into the space and you may take several minutes before bringing yourself back.

Tune ups’ and sound meditations

This new offering is a shorter sound meditation, allow 1 hour from start to finish, which includes around 40 minutes of active sound meditation. This is perfect if you are new to sound and wish a more gradual introduction to it, but it is also perfect those those who already attend sound baths and sessions and can act as a complement to those and a tune up for your system in between longer sessions. It is also a slightly cheaper session at just £20!
These sessions are focused around one theme and one of two instruments type.
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Special care and circumstances:

If you are pregnant, have a pace maker or suffer from epilepsy I would advice that you get in touch with me before booking, it may be better for you to have a one to one session. Please contact me for alternative arrangements

Get in touch with me Helene Fleming 07985 983 160 or email or message me on Facebook

Private Sound Baths

During a private sound bath you get to experience the sounds up close. The journey will also be tailored to your needs, sometimes you will want louder sounds sometimes softer ones.

You also have the choice of being on our comfy ground mat which is very comfortable, or a giant bean bag, or our treatment table. We will discuss this prior to your session.

A private sound bath is a real treat and a very effective way of entering the relaxation state and capitalise on the meditative benefits.

Booking a private sound bath is like booking any of our holistic sessions:

you can do so with me Helene Fleming 07985 983160, email

or through Facebook messenger and online on our Prices and Bookings page.