In development are the following courses:

Deep Dive into Mindfulness for better sustained living (long/ongoing practice)


Our Mindfulness Curriculum 


1-Our short 6 week course is geared towards complete beginners is aimed at beginners or people who have tried meditating before and found it difficult. We look in detail at relaxation techniques; ways to meditate; why we stress and what we can do about it; the theory of meditation.


2-Dive into Mindfulness: Is our new 10 week course which will help you continue to establish your practice as well as delving deeper into mindfulness. This is has a lot of self access and a weekly check in of around 1 hour on Zoom. This course is open to beginners and people who have taken some form of meditation course before. It is there to add relevance and revisit some of the keys aspects of mindfulness. It also looks at tackling common issues through your mindfulness practice.

For this course the Minimum number of participants is 4, with a maximum of 10, please register your interest with me as this course is due to start shortly

info at: or 07985983160

It is certainly true that almost everyone has heard about meditation. However few actually practise it, which is a pity because meditation can help you develop on a very deep level. It is transformational in that it puts you in touch with you and gives you the skills to do this everyday and at all times, if you practise regularly.



Thanks to this, people who meditate do find it easier to deal with the highs and lows of life. Meditation practice helps you see past the mask, past all the constructions that our minds make up all the time. It puts you in touch with the peace which exists inherently inside us all. It helps you to let go. If we are willing to try , and maintain a regular practice then you can exist in this place of peace, contentment.

Everyone has heard of mindfulness meditation, which is taken from a well known Buddhist meditation practice. Mindfulness is an inherent part of my practice, as are many other tools. The key to successful practice is not for me to impose to you a way to meditate but rather to help you find your own feet. To explore different ways of meditating and to answer the questions that will inevitably come up. To that effect when you undertake the beginner’s meditation sessions, you are given easy to access printed material. Also during session time we learn to unwind our body and learn some breathing techniques.

Meditation can be very successfully combined with Qigong, Tai Chi and/or Reiki as part of a session.

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Recommended Readings

The Art of Happiness by HH The Dalai Lama

The Art of Meditation by Matthieu Ricard

True Meditation by Adyashanti