Tuning Fork Therapy uses weighted and unweighted tuning forks, on and off the body. The treatment is non invasive and focuses on placing the weighted tuning forks on the face and body (primarily the back) on acupressure point. This is thought to optimise the flow of chi through the body thus reducing fatigue and helping with chronic issues…

I use very high quality weighted and unweighted tuning forks and work primarily with the Ohm sound, which is a very effective medium. Working with a full range we encourage qi flow through the body and work on stagnancy and blocks with the different vibrations.

What happens during a treatment?

You are invited to make yourself comfortable on the treatment table, and the treatment starts with some general harmonising with unweighted tuning forks, around the head area, but off the body.

We then have a protocol to work on important acupoints on the head, the face and back with the weighted tuning forks. We will also agree before hand on anywhere else on the body that you may wish to have further treatment.

During the treatment you can interact with me to direct me to further places that you would like treated.

The weighted tuning forks do not give out much of a sound and work primarily with the vibrations, transmitting those directly into the acu-points and helping with the general flow of chi through the body.

The treatment ends with more unweighted tuning fork working through your energy body.

You remain fully clothed during the treatment.

The treatment is a very relaxing experience and you can combine it further with Singing bowls of your choice in order to enjoy your relaxation further and nurture your peace.

A session by itself (including debrief) will last 1 hour and costs £40

A combined session with singing bowls will last 1 h and a half and costs £50 

Prices for evenings and weekends are respectively £47 & £60


I loved my sessions, They are so indulgent! I really enjoy the treatment on the face, it feels so relaxing!  On the first session, Helene worked particularly on an area which had been giving me issues for the past few months and I could feel the congestion easing off as the work was being done. I had a couple more weekly sessions after that and the situation appears to have resolved for now, which leaves me free to enjoy my life! I can’t recommend those sessions enough, they are a real treat.

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