Tai Chi practice

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As you know, the more you practice Tai Chi, the more you get out of your practice. Remember there are a few simple ways to make sure that your practice happens everyday.

-Make sure you set aside a few minutes each day to practice your set. When you start out this will only take you a couple of minutes.

-Nothing special is needed just you and your tai chi! And that means that you can practice anytime, anywhere…

-This is time for you to connect with yourself.


Remember if you practice the movements, they will become second nature and you will feel the benefits that much more quickly.

When you are starting out remember to also practise your stance, we will go over this in class and it is definitely worth taking a little time each day to remind ourselves.

For more advanced practitioners it may be time to introduce a couple of minutes meditation at the end of your practice. This will be the subject of another post or feel free to ask me in class.

As always please feel free to ask me questions or leave comments