-Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master teacher course-

3 full days teaching and learning

An empowering course for you to learn how to teach Reiki and upgrade your reiki energy to Master teacher level.  Explore what this means for yourself and learn to deliver effective courses to your students. Further to that the level comprises a wealth of techniques which will help with your own healing journey and your spiritual growth.  You will be provided with the manual ‘Shinpiden’ by Taggart King. You will also be given additional Japanese reiki techniques. We will use all the healing modalities at our disposal to further your self healing as well as your spiritual journey.

Reclaim your power and help others on their journey

Study material is sent to you prior to the course to enable you to familiarise yourself with most of the aspect that will be covered, so that you can truly immerse yourself in and enjoy the energy you are receiving over the three days

The Reiki Master Teacher level includes:

-How to attune others at all levels

-How to give Reiju empowerments

-Practical work over the 3 day weekend

-What to include in your classes

-Learning to work with other reiki symbols

-Japanese Reiki techniques

-What is a Reiki Master?

-Looking at reiki as a spiritual path

-Developing your intuition further

-Revision of Byosen combined with this levels techniques

-Teaching module, how to teach/ what to teach

-Working with your guides

And Much More…

Course Dates Here

For this course you will receive the ‘Shinpiden’

Manual from Taggart King

You will receive your full Master Teacher certificate on completion of the course and an opportunity to partake in regular reiki shares, as well as email links to ask questions for your ongoing development.

Completion to the course comprises: pre course preparation of all theoretical aspects, as well as 3 full days in person, maximum attendees is 3 at this time

Note that it is usual for master students to come back to discuss and practice techniques further. This is quite normal and allows you to develop at your own pace.

 The course can comprise up to 4 students. However this is such a special time that I aim to maintain small class sizes so that you have plenty of time to experience each aspect of the course and our that we can work in plenty of time for discussion.

For more information, to book or to arrange to meet up please call, text or email me. I look forward to meeting you.

Call or text on 07985 983 160

Or email me at: helenehealing@hotmail.com

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