Qigong Classes

Highland Healing Space is offering a very comprehensive Qigong curriculum. From very easy to access qigong to stimulate body function and movement to more involved qigong where you learn to work with Chi inside and out! 

Our classes are developed so that most people can access them, although we do advise you to check with us first if you have particular aches and pains or are recovering from injury even if it was a while ago. 

At present we have 2 regular classes per week, one which comprises easier movement based practise and another class which generally has more demanding movements. 

Generally movements are able to be adjusted for particular injuries or physical limitations.

Of course we do not just offer movement based qigong, we also offer meditation and breath based work as well as getting to know your chi and chi in general!

Just now we are running our Meditation and moving energy course, and we will run more of those in the future. These sessions enable you to access qigong even if movement is very limited and also if you wish to dive into working with the energetic component more.

Qigong is an age old Chinese practice designed too preserve health and wellbeing and increase longevity!

When working with qigong little by little you build the ‘gong’ part which is the work/effort part of qigong and which affords you the benefits of the practice. 

For movement based Qigong 

 you slowly work to integrate the movements in your body and then integrate the breath and intention.

From easy movements such as 5 waves to much more involved movements such as wild animal play.

For meditation based Qigong

The work with breath and feeling Chi is more accentuated and worked in a more obvious manner. 

We then feel this into the body. Whether we are working with the dantien or the meridian system, we slowly develop a feel and understanding of how Qi works.


Our regular classes are on Zoom on:  Thursdays at 10am for one hour. The sessions are recorded and available shortly after the live session. These are then up and available for the current month, You also have access to the qigong back catalogue included. Price for the month is £30

So why choose to learn Qigong with us? 

-You have access to experienced instructor Helene Fleming. 

Your instructor will be very careful to take into account your previous experience and previous injuries and what you feel are physical limitations. 

-Your instructor is supportive and compassionate

-You have access to a wide curriculum which will take you on a varied journey to learn Qigong and integrate it in your life.

-We look at the theory behind the practice to help you integrate the practise.

-You have access to varied classes:

*Live Group classes! Either in person or over zoom, or both!

*or one to one classes again either live or over zoom

*From time to time, you have access to further workshops and courses, to deepen your practice and understanding.

If you want to check out what a gentle qigong session looks like you may want to have a look at this sample video which is taken from our youtube collection. Qigong looks deceptively simple, do give it a try and see how it feels!