How is Lockdown treating you?

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What’s happened in the month!

It is coming up to a month since we were asked to lockdown down to try and stem the rising tide of covid 19 spread. 

Like many, I found this latest bit of news hard … and thought again ok… How do I ride that new wave? 

Like many I had plans for the beginning of this year and was surfing that beautiful wave , when suddenly I found myself carried by different currents being asked to redirect my energies in completely different ways. 

I guess the first thing we often feel in such circumstances is fragmentation… and that can lead to feeling low and lacking direction… Think on it as if you had an orb of liquid that had shattered and was now scattered and spread out…. How would you go about re-pooling it?  

Ways to react

Many of us launch ourselves into new work we take that new impulse and regroup in a new direction. This time though it might have been a little harder and that’s because it has been asked of you so many times in the past year and also naturally our bodies/minds are at their lowest activity of the year! Depth of winter and all that… 

Fear not, you are not alone, but how do you get out of this…? 

The first thing of course is recognising that this is happening and not ignoring all that is. 

Second maybe turning to practices that are more buoyant in this season, I find the winter a great time to revisit old wisdom and teachings in order to squeeze more out of them. 

Working with your oracle and tarot is a great way to get a feel for the elements!

My lockdown right now…

This year particularly I have immersed myself in my understanding of the elements and how they impact everything that is around us, from people to relationships to how we view the world, how we relate to the world…

I have also developed my dream practice further (part of my shamanic practice) and this has been an eye opener in many ways…

Finally keeping my prayer practice (part of my shamanic practice too) to keep working from the heart centre space. Staying in touch with that loving energy we share…

And more generally…

In a little while (a few weeks) as the sun grows brighter for longer everyday, you will feel enlivened and more ready to start considering new ventures. For now… Make sure to plant the seeds that will grow later, Do what feels right for you, and ride that winter wave with who you are, just because the current has changed direction doesn’t mean that you have to lose who you are. Keep up your good work in these quiet and peaceful weeks before the great awakening of the spring….

In the meantime you can enjoy meditating with some beautiful crystal sound!

With all my love to you and yours