Originally trained as a Secondary school teacher (Licence LLCE & PGCE) I have transferred my skills and my passion for teaching to teaching Reiki, Meditation, Tai Chi and Qigong. Over the years, on my personal journey I have been given great opportunities to train with some interesting and inspirational individuals. All their practices are deeply rooted in love, light and gratitude and they have dispensed their teachings generously, as a result my practice is deeply rooted in love, light, gratitude and I view myself as a facilitator so that YOU can embrace your path, whatever that might mean for you…

Alongside the teaching I also offer Alchemical Healing sessions, Sound Therapy Sessions, tuning fork therapy and one to one Qigong sessions. From my own experience I find that the healing you get out of sessions is a real boost to you generally. Because we all come at healing from different places and in different ways I am building different types of sessions you can access into what I offer so check back regularly as I add more! They are all beautiful and powerful, you just have to ask yourself ‘which one resonates’ with you.

I have studied and practiced Reiki, Tai Chi, Meditation, Sound Therapy and Qigong for years (starting with meditation in 1992) which I include in sessions and work into my courses. Energy work has been central to my life for over 15 years and I have been teaching Reiki since 2009 and growing from there. Sound and Crystal work have also both been a huge help and a pillar of strength on my journey for the past 15 years. I have been doing a long apprenticeship over the last few years in Core shamanism, as well as Egyptian shamanic Alchemy (and Alchemical Healing) and The beautiful rites of the Munay Ki. These practices have brought me much more understanding of our living world and how energy is meshed in everything we do as well as a much more profound understanding of our processes including healing.

Working with these practices has helped me greatly personally to reach a place of more peace, more balance, let’s not forget far more energy;I share with you this experience, training and personal work, to help you find your way, your path, your power…

Learning in a non judgemental, loving, supportive and peaceful environment  you can spread your wings and enter a new phase of your personal development.

You are fully supported as a student  before, during and after the courses, classes and workshops.  I want to help you get the most out of your courses and help you invest in yourself.

My courses are specifically designed to uplift, inspire and empower you. The work also grounds and heals you deeply. You are given all the tools and the time to build your confidence and practice.

Find your way, live your journey! 

I, Helene Fleming, am in no way a medical doctor. I do not diagnose, cure or treat medical conditions. Any views and writings expressed on the totality of this website are representative only of those people who have expressed them. Your health and wellbeing remains your responsibility at all times.