Highland Healing Space offers comprehensive Sound Therapy. Helene has trained with several different teachers and offers her own introductory courses on Udemy too. 

I am working with the best instruments that I can provide those. include Crystal tone ® Alchemies crystal singing bowls, Paiste and Meinl Gongs, Heron drums…

Sound therapy is multifaceted and can benefit you in many ways. What is most obvious when working with sound is how quickly one relaxes and enters a meditative space. This of course helps you de-stress and release yourself. It let’s you experience another state of being than your day to day. It tunes you back in to you and your vibes.

The second benefit is that your own system gets a chance to re-balance itself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We experience the soundwaves going through us, passing through our very cells and in so doing giving our system a chance to detox itself from unwanted frequencies and balancing us to our natural vibration levels.

Crystal singing bowls, gongs and the human voice are of particular interest in the way that our bodies resonate with them. We work with very fine instruments that are made in a mindful and respectful way. These are not generic and carry very particular frequencies. We want the best for you so use the best sound mediums in your sessions. 

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Here is what we now currently offer as part of our Sound Therapy:

Tuning fork therapy

-Private Sound Sessions (Focused)

-Private Sound baths (multi instrument)

-Studio Sound Baths

When you come to us for Sound therapy, we will first assess what your needs and preferences are. We have an array of instruments and you do not have to have anything you do not feel ready for.

We recommend the following sessions:

Singing Bowls session: Crystal singing bowls or metal bowls. This session aims to relax and harmonise. Throughout the session opportunities are created for your energy field to harmonise and flow freely, dealing with blocks as needed and giving energy the opportunity to refresh and flow. The bowls are played off and around the body, not on the body. This session has the capacity to work on many different levels whether you are dealing with difficult emotions or feel that you want to explore and rebalance your energies. We now have a collection which enables you to delve deeper into your consciousness and energies!

Gong session: This session sees gongs placed around you, the client, and played in a way so as to encourage release and invite stillness of the mind. The gongs are multi faceted in their approach to healing and they have a profound effect on our emotions, elements, they can be transformative. Our gong collection is very unique and has been very carefully put together.

These sessions are 1hour long (That is working time, please set 1 hour and a half aside), and cost £50 daytime/£60 evening and weekend


There is extensive research and publications on the web and in books looking at the benefits of Sound Therapy if you are further interested . I would advice reading ‘Human Tuning’ by John Beaulieu.

For more information on each of the sessions please visit the different pages or get in touch with me directly to book your next session:
Helene Fleming
07985 983 169