Reiki 2nd degree- 2 day course (9 till 13:00)

This course works on the same basis as 1st degree working both saturday and sunday  from 9 am till 1pm sometimes 1:30 pm on both days. There is plenty of preparative work which will be sent to you prior to the course. 

Transform from within…

Second degree is usually taken a few months after 1st degree. Those few months give you time to get to grips with the basics as well as affording you the chance to work on yourself before moving on. Second degree deepens your connections. You will learn to work with different aspects of the reiki energy through the use of symbols as well as learning how to carry out distant healing. You will also learn what you need to know to set up your practice as traditionally after this level you can start working with members of the public. Over the two days we will use a number of healing modalities in conjunction with reiki meditations to help you on your healing journey.

Study material is sent to you prior to the course to enable you to familiarise yourself with all the aspects that will be covered, so that you can truly immerse yourself in and enjoy the energy you are receiving over the two days. ( currently trialling new format)

Course Dates Here

2nd degree schedule includes:

-Second degree attunement (to upgrade your reiki to level 2 and activate the symbols)

and Meditations to heal deeply on different levels .

-Working with the first three reiki symbols:

Power Symbol, Mental and emotional Symbol as well as Distance healing Symbol

-Different approaches to carrying out distance healing

-Working with members of the public.

-Treatments using intuition: byosen (scanning ) and Reiji ho (intuitive method)

-Reiju empowerment

-Revision of Hatsurei ho meditation

-Deepening our understing of level 1 techniques

-Practical work using techniques and symbols

-Japanese reiki techniques for level 2 (healing with eyes, Simple energetic massage…)

-Grounding, centering, connecting and protecting meditations

-Questions arising from level 1

-You will receive the manual ‘Okuden ‘ by Taggart King

-On completion of your course, you will be issued your 2nd degree certificate (and lineage if you are a new student), You are encouraged to conduct several case studies which you will be able to discuss with myself. I would also always encourage students to be in touch in order to answer any questions that may come up after your course. Emails are always welcome.

Courses can be done one to one or currently up to 2 students. However this is such a special time that I aim to maintain small class sizes so that you have plenty of time to experience each aspect of the course and so that we can work in plenty of time for discussion.

Prior to booking a course you can get in touch to discuss any of the aspects of the course or my own training. If you want to meet up before booking onto the course, I will very happily arrange this.

Course Price: The total course fee is £210, you pay £85 on booking and £125 before the start of the course

 book directly through me, please get in touch

on 07985 983 160

or email helenehealing@hotmail.com

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