Taichi Names of 108 moves

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By popular request I thought I would give you a list of the moves that comprise the 108 moves set. Keep in mind that you may well see them referred as 85, 103… The moves may also Vary slightly according to how they are counted, how many repeats are included…Names can also have slight variations.

The sequence is usually broken down into thirds.

Names of moves for the 1st third:

1- Preparation


3- Ward off Left

4- Grasp the bird’s tail

5-Single whip

6-Step up and raise hands (shoulder strike)

7- White crane spreads wings

8-Brush knee (left)

9-Strum the pei-pa

10-Brush knee and twist step (left)

11-Brush knee and twist step (right)

12- Brush knee and twist step (left)

13- Strum the pei-pa

14-Brush knee (left)

15- Step forward, deflect, parry and punch

16-Appear to close entrance

17-Cross hands

And here are the names of the 2nd third:

18-Carry tiger to the mountain

19-Grasp the bird’s tail

20-Fist under elbow

21-Step back and repulse monkey (left)

22-Step back and repulse monkey (right)

23- Step back and repulse monkey (left)

24- diagonal slant flying

25-Step up and raise hands

26-White crane spreads wings

27-Brush knee (left)

28- Needle at sea bottom

29-Fan through the back

30-Turn and hammer with fist

31-Deflect, parry, punch

32-ward off left (diagonal)

33-Grasp the bird’s tail

34-Single Whip

35-Wave hands like clouds (x5)

36-Single whip

37-High pat on the horse

38-Part leg at right (toe kick)

39-Part leg at left (toe kick)

40-Turn, kick with left heel

41-Brush knee and twist step (left)

42-Brush knee and twist step (right)

43-Step up and punch low

44-Turn and hammer with fist

45-Deflect, parry, punch

46-Kick with right heel

47-Strike tiger at left

48-Strike tiger at right

49-Kick with right heel

50-Strike tiger at both sides

51-Kick with left heel

52-Pivot, kick with right heel

53-Deflect, parry and punch

54-Appear to close entrance

55-Cross hands

And finally the 3rd part:

56-Tiger returns to the mountain

57-Grasp the bird’s tail

58- Horizontal single whip

59-Part wild horse mane (right)

60-Part wild horse mane (Left)

61-Part wild Horse mane (right)

62-ward off left

63-Grasp the bird’s tail

64-Single Whip

65-Fair Lady’s shuttle-left

66-Fair lady’s shuttle-right

67-Fair lady’s shuttle-left

68-Fair lady’s shuttle-right

69-Ward off left

70-Grasp the bird’s tail

71-Single whip

72-Wave hands like clouds (x5)

73-Single whip (descending)

74-Snake creeps low

75-Golden pheasant stands on left leg

76-Golden pheasant stands on right leg

77-Step back and repulse monkey-right

78-step back and repulse monkey- left

79-Step back and repulse monkey-right

80-Diagonal slant flying

81-Step up and raise hands  (shoulder strike)

82-White crane spreads wings

83-Brush knee (left)

84-Needle at sea bottom

85-Fan through the back

86-White snake darts tongue

87-Deflect, parry, punch

88-Ward off left

89-Grasp the bird’s tail

90-Single whip

91-Wave hands like clouds (5)

92-Single whip

93-High pat on the horse

94-Penetrating palm

95-Turn and cross kick

96-Step up and punch downwards

97-Ward off

98-Grasp the bird’s tail

99-Single whip

100- Snake creeps down (2)

101-Step up to seven stars

102-Step back to ride tiger

103-Turn body and swing over lotus (kick)

104-Bend the bow and shoot tiger

105-Deflect, parry, and punch

106-Appear to close entrance

107- Cross hands

108- Conclusion

So keep in mind that although it only counts 3 repulse monkeys that it is in fact 5 repetitions that are in the set (twice!) and the same is true for parting wild horse mane, there are 5 of those also.

Happy reading and I hope you can work out which is which!

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