What is Alchemical Healing and where did it come from?

Alchemical Healing has its roots firmly in Egypt, Al Khem meaning off the black land, the Black land meaning Egypt in reference to the fertile strip of land that borders the Nile… 

Nicky Scully brought this beautiful healing art to life and you can read all about this in her book ‘Alchemical Healing’. 

The beauty of Alchemical Healing is that it is not bound to one tradition nor do you have to have a particular set of beliefs to access it! 

The Work is very energetic and you, the client, are at the very centre of everything that goes on during your session. 

The sessions encourage heart centeredness and you can access them for issues that you would like to work with or for deepening work of your own path, whatever you need to receive, will be there. 

The session comprise a setting of intention or an identification of a problem to be worked with.

A practice of the Heart breath meditation

The practitioner then leads you gently into your journey, of course this is your healing journey and many allies and energies may come to help you in your processes. 

We also engage in a gratitude process and you are often given tools to work with post session too! 

Alchemical healing comprises many amazing ways to work whether this be with allies, elements, crystals, plants, sound… it can also help remove deep seated issues and blocks. I do not know of a more complete form of healing.

How does it work?

Alchemical healing engages your whole being, to partake in a journey to tap into infinite wisdom and creativity. You do become co creator and explore your own healing map, empowering yourself deeply in the process. The process engages visualisation and journeying techniques to establish a dialogue to yourself as well as your allies from the spirit realms. 

We engage in a close process were the facilitator draws in whatever is needed during the process, as we are engage in this close communication… 

From Nicki Scully’s website:

 “Powerful Alchemical Healing techniques weave spirit and matter, develop communications between divinity and humanity, transform experience into wisdom, and skilfully influence physical reality to achieve healing and transformation. Alchemical Healing permits entry into the magical realms of intuition and limitless knowledge. Through Alchemical Healing we consciously enter infinite depths from which we bring forth and translate our magical experience into effective healing action.”

About your facilitator

Helene has undertaken a long process of learning and assimilation with Indigo Ronlov and Nicki Scully as well as a personal apprenticeship with Indigo and is now able to offer this beautiful healing process to you. 

‘ Over the course of my learning I have been given to experience many beautiful healings as a facilitator as well as a receiver. Alchemical Healing is a most powerful form of healing as well as integration, it works with you, with who you are and what you are ready for, it never forces anything… so the question is what are you ready to embrace?’ 

How to book

In Person or remote work

Alchemical Healing can be done in person or over Zoom at a distance. 

In person you benefit from everything in our healing room. 

Over zoom, you can do the session in the comfort of your own room, you should make sure that you’ll be undisturbed for the duration of the session.

If you are local to me and can attend a session in person I would advise to do so, the immersion is always wonderful! 

In any case Please do get in touch to book directly with me

helenehealing @hotmail.com





Pricing and length of session

Because Alchemical healing is so potent you may not need an hour session every time! 

With that in mind, I offer Alchemical Healing in increments of 15 mins. 

15 mins- £15

30 minutes – £30

45 minutes – £45

1 hour – £60 

If you feel that more than an hour would be beneficial that is ok, I can book you for up to 1 h30 minutes at any one time

The sessions are paid for in advance, by means of a payment link, when we define how long you will need.