What are the Munay Ki?

The Munay ki are a set of 9 rites or Karpay in quechua (10 if you include the rite of the womb) which are of Peruvian origins. The Qero people, pass on these initiatory rites in the form of seeds so that we may clear our energy field and be able to take full part in our lives, so that we no longer live a life where we are suffering our fate but we begin to co create our own destiny! Munay means love and Ki energy… The Munay Ki offer huge potential for development and for personal healing. 

The rites are given as follows:

First you receive what I would call the more personal rites

-The Healer’s Rite: You are connected to a lineage of healers

-The Bands of Power: These energetic bands nurture your relationship with the elements and are very strong allies for protection 

-The Harmony Rite: Connects you to 7 Archetypes 

-The Seer’s Rite: Builds new pathways for seeing not just with your physical eyes but also with the heart and intuition

Then you expand to take custody of bigger and bigger communities

-The Day Keeper: Connects you to a lineage of men and women who have tended our altars, bringing us in harmony with the Earth. Healing the Feminine

-The Wisdom Keeper: Connect to a lineage of wisdom keepers, we embrace a new vision and a new way of seeing. Healing the Masculine

-The Earth Keeper: Connects you to a lineage of Archangel and keepers of our solar system, lifts you from your earth bound existance and lifts your spirit free

-The Starkeeper’s rite: Rite of times to come

-The Creator’s rite: Awaken the creator within and accept your place as a steward for all of creation


The 10th rite is open to women and is also known as the 13th rite or the rite of the womb.  The rite clears our creation and manifestation center and shifts the way we relate to our womb. The 10th rite can be received on its own.

Each rite brings you a new level of understanding of the world and who you are. 

There is no previous experience necessary and you do not need to have followed any path before. 

These are seeds of light that you receive in your luminous field and you will then grow these by growing your relationship to the archetypes that are given to you. You become connected to lineages of luminous beings that have been before us…

The images on this page are the tutelary animals that we work with as part of the Munay Ki

Atun Amaru: Great serpent

Otorongo: Jaguar/Puma

Siwar Q’enti: Royal Humming Bird

Kuntur: condor/ Eagle

The way I pass on the rites is very comprehensive so that you will receive one rite per session together and I would advise that you leave a minimum of 1 week between each rite. Those of you who are taking the rites slowly can leave 1 month between rites, but i would’t advise more than that between rites.

Each session lasts between 1h30 and 2 hours depending on how much we need to discuss, you will also be supported in between the sessions. 

You will be taught how to open sacred space environmental and personal; how to hold a fire ceremony for yourself, each rite will have a preparation stage before hand as well as integration. Also You will be encouraged to build an altar.

This way of working means that you are getting more out of your Munay Ki transmissions.

The rites are perfect to receive if you are looking for something different in your life, you are maybe looking to reconnect with your own energetics and spirituality. 

You want to take a more active part in your life… Maybe you have taken reiki courses and wish to deepen your energetic connections. No matter what your background, these can be explored at any stage of your development. 

You can receive the Bands of power, also known as the Bands of protection , on it’s own if you feel it is necessary in your life right now.


You can also receive the rite of the Womb on it’s own, if you are a woman and feel the pull to receive this rite. This is healing us very deeply, you will also be shown how to give the rite of the womb as part of your integration process, You can then be registered as a Womb Keeper. 

You can read more about the Munay Ki Here:

Munay Ki

Book a free consultation today!

The free consultation session gives you 20 minutes of zoom face to face enabling you to ask all the questions you may have about the rites! It also enables you to meet with me to see how you feel about working together!

Contact me to arrange a suitable time helenehealing@hotmail.com or 07985983160

About your facilitator

Helene first took the rites in 2018, she has been working with the rites ever since and they have truly changed her life in many ways. Helene took the rites again with the Four Winds Society and is now a practitioner with the Four Winds Society. She was taught directly by Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos as well as their wonderful team of teachers.


Helene is also a womb keeper and has received the rite of the womb numerous times. 

How, when and where can I book

The rites can be passed on in person or over zoom sessions. The price is the same whether you are in person or on zoom. 

When you first contact me we will agree on the timing of the rites and will make bookings for those. 

You will be invited for a one hour preparatory meeting (included in the price of your sessions) where we will learn to open sacred space and conduct our first fire ceremony. 

Each rite then takes the form of an empowerment session, lasting between 1h30 to 2 hours.

Pricing : The normal pricing for each session is £80, all inclusive.

Package: If you wish to purchase the package for all the Rites, the price drops to £60/session and the package cost is £540 for all 9 rites inclusive of the first meeting, the 10th rite if you choose to add it would be an additional £40. ( the dates should then be agreed and take place within a 6 month period )

time, dates and venue as agreed at the time of booking

On completion you will be delivered a certificate of completion and if you wish to learn how to pass on the rite to friends and family I can help with this too especially if you are particularly drawn to certain rites. There is no obligation to pass on the rites but you may feel drawn to do so. 

Groups: Look out for workshop weekends to take thee rites with a group in a different setting….

Coaching would be agreed as and when it is needed on the basis of £40/hour.

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