Angelic Healing

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This Energy based healing modality is offered as sessions and courses. Angelic  Healing is a beautiful way to heal and to connect with your guardian angel and the archangel energies. It is open to all, women and men, and powerfully puts you in touch with your self-healing abilities. Its can be very relaxing and can help put you in a very receptive state. It may also help release old patterns, emotions and thoughts which you may notice post session. In session we work with the main 4 watchtower Archangels energies and if you decide to do a complete session we also work with the main 7 archangels energies.

Uriel’s presence


When you come for your session, we will establish the main points of your visit together, then you will be invited to lie down on the massage table and relax. Angelic energy healing is very different from other session work in that there is very little direct physical interaction between yourself and myself. So it may be very suited to people who do not like being touched for example. The main interaction is at the end of the session when I bring you back, I will touch your feet/ankles to help ground you.

Afterwards we will have a chat about the session and any questions you may have and I will give you any insight that I picked up during the session.

Raphael and his heart centred healing energy

As well as session work, you can now take the ‘Angelic Healing Practitioner course’. This is a 2 day course (Saturday & Sunday) which focuses on your connection to the 4 main watchtower angels: Uriel, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel and during which you will connect to your guardian angel. Lots of practice is included in the course also so that you will feel confortable using the 4 step healing session on yourself with your friends and family, in an absentee manner and also with the wider public.

Hearing the Call

The course schedule includes:

-The earth grid and the elements

-The Angelic realm

-The 4 main Archangels: Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel

-Your guardian Angel

-Angels’ Crystals

-Running Healing sessions from preparation, to delivery to closing down

(this will form a major part of the course as you need to be very comfortable with all the steps)

-Running healing sessions, all you need to know from the business side.

Archangel Michael’s protection

The course is taught in a dynamic way utilising different teaching approaches: meditations, videos, demonstrations, practice, discussions, reflection time…

You will receive a full 97 page manual at the start of your course, and we advise that you read your manual every 6 months in order to uncover hidden depths and keep everything present and fresh in your mind.

Your certificate will be delivered at the end of the course and your training is accredited by the ‘International association of therapists’ (IAOTH) with whom you can register at a discount after your course, the details will be in your manual.

The full course costs for the 2 days is £175

The next course will take place on August 26 and 27 2023!

Please do get in touch for more information and to book directly with me either courses or sessions:

Contact Helene on 07985983160 or email

or use the form in the ‘contact us’ section

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