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I have been asked lately about Sound Therapy by a few folk and this is prompting me to write a few lines which will hopefully shed some light as to why Sound Therapy is a key practice and why you would want it in your life. 

A lot of creation myths refer to creation as having emanated from a primordial sound which was emitted and from which all of creation came forth…The big bang theory reinforces this idea… That there was one mighty explosion/implosion which brought forth all of creation, From there realms came into being, consciousness came into being, love, light, energy and all the elements came into being. 

When considering the world we live in we often talk about the world in terms of frequencies, we refer to our own vibratory frequencies all the time and almost forget that energy comes from that original sound alchemy… Your brain waves are measured in Hz frequencies as is light, infrareds, ultraviolet… We are surrounded by sound and whether  it is audible or not our bodies are made to receive and process sound. We are made of very soft materials which can engage into a dance with all the frequencies that surround us. 

You are in constant interaction with the sounds that surround you. As human beings this has always been the case and if we look back through history sound has been involved in healing for millenia, in ancient chinese writing systems there was very little difference between the ideogram for music and the ideogram for medicine. Even our modern medicine uses Ultra sound in diagnosis and also in certain treatments….

Courtesy of Shen Yun performing arts

Humanity has used sound in a multitude of settings as long as we have been around… Sound used in ceremonies (from gongs and trumpets that were sounded for the enthronement of new emperors and kings to Mendelson’s ‘Bridal March’), sound used in religious settings (let’s not forget some of the most poignant music was performed for religious rituals…), today we get transported by songs and music which I’m sure you will agree can elicit a huge range of emotions in us… Our very cells have been observed to have receptors for sound/vibration! They act as little sound captors!

In our modern times we have gone back to using intentional sound again… We call this Sound Healing or Sound Therapy. Research has found that certain frequencies help us with relaxation and further to this there is a clear balancing that also happens when we go for session work. Sound Therapy is not about creating music that makes sense for the mind, It is about balancing and harmonising through the use of very specific instruments. 

Here is some of the reasons why we may need this…

As we go through our lives it is clear to me that we accumulate a certain load from the frequencies around us, and sometimes it can be quite hard to shift this, in the long term it can contribute to feeling of uneasiness and chronic stress. Here is a simple example, if you live next to a very unpleasant sound source (drills/heavy machinery…) it impacts your quality of life, You probably will register it every day and it may even be a real struggle for you to cope with.

The bottom line is we are not always in charge of those frequencies that go through us… Think about your your wifi, you smart phone, your boiler to name but a few… 

In sound therapy we can work with a huge range of intensions that you as the client bring to your session. These intentions are particularly important when working with crystal singing bowls, as quartz react to intention. I have found in my personal experience that Sound Therapy can help us a great deal to reset, rebalance but also open to our consciousness and our light work.

Some aspects will be very subtle, some will be felt more readily, all have their value… We can bring gentle balance to the energies, engage with our consciousness, relax and also do real work on releasing emotions that are stuck within ourselves for instance. After my own sessions, I feel like my field has been cleared, my mind is focused and sharp, I feel bright and sparkly. I personally find that sound gets into places where other therapies struggle to go, because we work with this wonderful medium which sits between the realm of the seen and the unseen. 

You can try a sample Crystal Bowl Meditation by clicking the link opposite…

The session work is very different to sound baths as the intention is your own and you choose the instruments you want to work with, those that resonate with you!  I am very careful in my selection of instruments and all carry healing intentions and are cleansed regularly . 

So if you are curious or are keen to try this Healing modality feel free to contact me to book a session or to chat further. 

If this is your first session and you just want to try we can also discuss booking you for a slightly shorter session.

If you are coming for Reiki, I can also do a small sample as part of your reiki session. 

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All opinions and ideas presented here are that of the Author and is only representative of the Author’s experience and process. Sound Healing/Sound Therapy is not a substitute for adequate and appropriate medical care.