Here you will find  our online Shop.

For your convenience, we now accept all types of payment: from contactless to all major cards (Visa, Mastercard…), cash and cheques for in person purchases. You also have the opportunity to now pay online for course bookings and workshops. 

Do get in touch if you have questions otherwise you can go ahead and book your next course or session.

Tuning Fork sessions:

session length around 1Hour ( 40 to 45 minutes of treatment plus intake and debrief)

-Costs £40 Daytime-The last daytime session appointment is 4pm

-Costs £47 Evening and weekend-From 5 pm and weekends

To book just contact me by text, phone or email: 07985 983160  or

Session to relax and let go gently…

Sound Therapy sessions:

-1h20 session (50 to 60 minutes of sound therapy and additional time for intake and debrief)

Mixed session: 

Cost:£50 daytime 

Cost: £60 evening and weekend-from 5pm and weekends 

To Book get in touch directly: 07985983160 or

Ideal to immerse yourself and work on releasing and furthering personal work , raising energy, connecting to higher levels of consciousness and more!

This is an energy healing session: 

-1h30 in length: around 1 hour of Alchemical Healing and additional time for intake and debrief.

Cost:£50 daytime 

Cost: £60 evening and weekend-from 5pm and weekends

To book please contact me directly: 07985983160 or

This is the ideal session to release deep set energy that is no longer serving you and giving you time to adjust and integrate.

Looking to treat yourself or help a close one pay for their sessions and courses, our gift cards are here! Just click the photo! Can be used online or in person for sessions and items in our shop. (Your mobile browser may block the link!)

From time to time we post free access sound baths and tai chi on Facebook and youtube. If you enjoy this work and wish to support us you can use the paypalme button:

Reiki Courses: Please get in touch before booking

-Reiki 1st Degree 1 day course – £175- (£75 at the time of booking and £100 at the start of the course).

-Reiki 2nd Degree -£210 ( £80 at the time of booking and £130 at the start of the course)

-Reiki 3A (ART) Master practitioner Level £280 ( £100 at the time of booking and then £180 at the start of the course)

-Reiki 3B Master Teacher Level £575 ( £170 at the time of booking and £405 at the start of the course)

Check back regularly for special offers 

Please Visit our Terms and conditions page for full details

If you need to cancel a session: From time to time you may need to cancel a session, please do give me as much notice as possible (48 hours or more is fine), I will be very grateful.

If you miss a session or have given less than 48 hours notice: As sessions do require a certain amount of preparation and investment, if you happen to miss a session or are unable to give me 48 hours notice, the session will be charged at its normal rate , you may also be required to pay for future sessions in advance with a non refundable clause.

A note on deposits and fair practice: Please note that deposits are non refundable, and non transferable, they are tied to the date of your course. If you miss the course , you will have to pay the deposit again. Please also note that if you have paid the full course amount the rest of the course fee does carry over, as it is not tied to the course date and you have a period of 12 months to reschedule your course. It is always best to get in touch as I will always try my best to accommodate your dates…