This is our awesome new workshop which is coming to you live!

This is our awesome healing workshop which teaches you some skills to work with your own rhythms and connection to instruments, which is at last coming to you live!

Find your Rhythm is an opportunity to connect within and outwardly with beautiful instruments to promote relaxation, letting go and finding what beats inhabit you.


During the workshop we will practice with drums, traditional and tongue drums as well as shakers and metals bowls. We will also explore humming and vocalising, a fantastic opportunity to plunge deeply into your own healing capacity as well as exploring new realms.

The workshop takes place over a weekend:

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of July 2023

We will work from 11am till 4pm on both days.

We will have a one hour break in the middle of the day where you are free to leave to have lunch or you can bring your own lunch and have it here!

The layout:

We will aim to cover the following over the 2 days:

-Opening and closing sacred space

-Drumming circle to open: take part in a drum circle, understand how it works, reflect on its impact. 

-Practice ancestral drumming on frame drums. You will have a chance to practice on our frame drums, finding out about their differences, and how to play them. We will drum for each other in short bursts and reflect how this impacts us and what influences the rhythms we choose…

-Introspection, how do I listen to my inner rhythms, what does that bring me, how working with sound can help me break through inner barriers, opening portals for oneself.

-Being a sacred witness and holding space for others as we drum

-Working with metal drums: we will practice and meditate with those and see what their different qualities can bring us. 

-Working with drone sounds: we will explore the effects of humming and vocalising on our systems. Exploring the quality of sound and then silence

-Sound bath to close

There is a lot of exploring and integrating to do over those 2 days…

Who is this workshop for? 

Anyone who is interested in healing and self development, energy Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga teachers and practitioners, Qigong practitioners…

It is open to beginners and more advanced practitioners. 

Especially recommended for those who practice energy healing not only as a support but also as a way to deepen our presence and understanding of energies.

The point of the workshop is to support you on your life journey and to give you skills that you will hopefully find helpful…

Where, when…

The workshop costs is £175 per person

A maximum of 4 spaces are open

The workshop will take place in our healing room and if the weather permits we may also be outside for reflection, introspection and metal drums….


How do I book?

You can book directly with me through email:, phone or text: 07985983160