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What is reiki?
Reiki is a simple Japanese energy balancing technique and spiritual system that can be used for your own self-healing and your spiritual development.
Where is reiki from?
Reiki was developed in Japan in the early 1900’s by a man called Mikao Usui.

Usui Sensei was drawing on existing and very old Japanese approaches to working with energy, found in Buddhism, Shugendo, Shinto and energy cultivation techniques. What he created was unique and very special.
Usui associated with the most advanced and creative martial artists and energy workers in his time, and was well known as a healer. He developed an elegant and simple system where anyone can learn to connect to and channel energy for their own benefit and for the benefit of others, without having to train for years and years.
Reiki works for everyone and since Usui’s time it has now spread throughout the world. It is now practised by people from every continent and background, nationality and religion.
What can Reiki do?
Reiki helps you feel more calm, content and serene, it helps you to feel more positive and better able to cope, less affected by stressful people and stressful situations.Reiki can help to introduce some balance into your life on all levels. It promotes natural healing and can affect your health in a positive way.
Many people have also found that Reiki has helped to fill a spiritual need , giving them a simple, non dogmatic system to use to experience their spiritual side without having to embrace any particular belief system.

About reiki sessions:

Session work is hugely beneficial to reduce stress, can improve healing as it can successfully be combined with other healing modalities, boosting their effect, it can help you with pain management and cope with long standing problems, it can also help you feel more centered and ready to take on life.

During a session I will take a short history however our main focus will be on the reiki session. Afterwards you are given a short time to have some water, ground yourself and give a little feedback. Reiki is a non talking therapy, and in fact it is better for you to give yourself time to fully let the session sink in and absorb its effects.

You can book a session when you are ready, we will take the time during your first session to talk about what your needs are as a starting point. Each treatment is tailored to you, your needs and I will offer you all that I feel is needed in your session. You should set aside an hour and a half for your session.

To book your reiki session please either call or text me on 07985983160
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Sessions last an hour and a half


About courses

How do I learn Reiki
Reiki is traditionaly taugh in 3 or 4 levels : 1st degree, 2nd degree, Master Practitioner and Master level. Second degree is seen as the ‘practitioner’ level and most people will take the first 2 courses, leaving a few months in between.
Reiki works for everyone, so you do not need any special qualities, you do not even need to believe in Reiki… It will still work for you. All you need is an open mind.

The training I have put in place for you gives you access to quality teaching material, a broad scope of techniques to work with, ongoing support and lots of practical work. Training from level 1 right through to Master teacher gives you access to 60 hours of face to face training as well as home study hours, so that you get to know all the aspects of working with Reiki and are comfortable with them.

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  •  Reiki 1st degree Tunes you into the reiki energy and introduces you to working with and experiencing energy. At this stage you will learn how to treat yourself so that you can develop your ability as a channel and balance your energy system over time. You will also learn how to pass on the benefits of reiki to others, using a simple treatment system.

    1st degree schedule includes

-History of Reiki, lineage

-First Degree attunement

-Reiju empowerment

-Sensing and feeling energy

-Practise of Hatsurei-Ho

-Self treatment

-Treating family and friends.

-You will receive a full manual as well as a CD of reiki meditations as part of your course.

-On completion of your course you will be given your certificate, lineage and an opportunity to partake in regular reiki shares.


  • Reiki 2nd  course: 2nd degree is usually taken a few months after 1st degree. Those few months give you time you get to grips with the basics as well as affording you the chance to work on yourself before moving on. 2nd degree deepens your connections. You will learn to work with different aspects of the reiki energy through the use of symbols as well as learning how to carry out distant healing. You will also learn what you need to know to set up your practice as traditionally after this level you can start working with members of the public.

    2nd degree schedule includes

-Reiju empowerment

-Second degree attunement

-Working with the first three reiki symbols

-Different approaches to carrying out distance healing

-Working with members of the public.

-Treatments using intuition.

-On completion of your course you will be given your certificate, and an opportunity to partake in regular reiki shares.

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  • Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher levels please check the reiki course pages for further details.

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