Reiki shares

Reiki Shares have been offered at Highland  Healing Space for the past few years. Shares are a great way to meet other reiki practitioner and a great way to give and receive reiki. Our shares are open to practitioners of all lineage. If you have trained somewhere else and this is your first share make sure to send me a copy of one of your reiki certificates.

-Share dates are posted well in advance and shares take place quarterly so hopefully you will find the day free in your diary.

-The Share date is posted on this website and the Facebook page and group, if you cannot find a date, please just text or email me.

-To book for the share, all you need to do is tap the booking link below and pay the £5 booking fee and you will then be booked onto the share.

A Share whether it be big or small is a wonderful time for all. You are an important part of the process and your attendance is greatly valued. 

Next share will be on Sunday 12th of January 2020 from 10am till 1pm  Share is fully booked


Reiki Share

In order to book for the reiki share please use the follow payment button. Please note that the next Reiki Share on 12th of January 2020 is now fully booked, any payments made will go towards the next share.