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Crystal Reiki

I thought I would keep you updated as to some of the exciting latest developments at Highland healing space. You know, CPD is a wonderful thing, and whilst I was putting together my CPD to do list earlier in the year, I thought again about incorporating crystal work with reiki as those of you who have been to my healing room know there are a few crystals there! So I set about looking for a course that did just that! I am pleased to report that I did find a course; I studied and after assignments, case studies and final test, I did obtain my Crystal Reiki Master/teacher certificate.

So concretely, I hear you say what are the pluses of Crystal Reiki?

The two combine amazingly well, reiki unlocks the potential of the crystals. It is a most beautiful and healing synthesis of Earth energy and Reiki energy.

Part of our problem as humans is that we are always looking up, always turning ourselves towards higher, finer energies. But we forget to look down! Looking onto the earth onto which we walk, onto which we live, with which we are, or should be, very much in symbiosis. We forget to ground ourselves, we forget to honour where we breathe and live. We literally live between heaven an earth. Crystal Reiki brings you those connections, so you can get so much more out of your session.

I hear you say Crystals…?

Yes Crystals! We forget that we are surrounded by them in all our electronics, in our watches, LCD displays… Did you know that quartz can retain information, that’s part of the reason why it features so heavily in computers. So as you are reading this you already are tapping into the potential of crystals.

Now maybe you want to also include this beautiful energy into your session work.

Are sessions much different to other Reiki sessions?

Energetically yes, the session will feel different, in fact quite a few people have reported that they feel the energy more strongly and that it feels very harmonious, they feel it throughout their body rather than just the spot that is being treated.

Also at the beginning of the session I will probably use a pendulum, a grid can be placed under the treatment table in order to support the treatment and I will place crystals around you and sometimes also on you depending on what we have decided needs to be worked on. As in other sessions you have the final say as to what happens in your session.

How do I book a Crystal Reiki session?

You can book as you would any other sessions which I offer.  You can text or phone me on 07985983160 or email me helenehealing@hotmail.com or Message me on Facebook


Can I learn this amazing modality? 

Yes if you already work with reiki then watch this space for Crystal Reiki workshops and courses coming later on in the year!

🌟With Love and Reiki light 🌟


New style sessions for Reiki, Meditation and Tai Chi

A fresh look at how sessions work

If you are feeling out of sync, stressed out, or that things are not quite right… Maybe you feel like there is something missing from your life? A lot of us go through life seeking, looking to ‘improve ‘ our condition, whether that is because we have a physical issue or a mental and/or emotional trouble, or sometimes we search to explore further afield.

Help is at hand! I am currently revising the way session work is being proposed at Highland Healing Space, so we can tailor the contents of your sessions to your needs. When we first meet we will talk about your interests, the things that brought you here, and which modalities you are interested in, we will also examine the outcomes you are looking for. Working in this way you are truly empowered to make the choices that are right for you!

From my point of view working in this way means that your sessions will be that much more effective and we can focus on what is needed. So for example if you would like to do some tai chi and some meditation we can work them both into your session. If you feel reiki is the thing for you we can look at all the different tools and choose which ones we think will be best suited.

You can have a look at the modalities that I propose on the reiki, meditation and tai chi pages and then you can get in touch to book your 1st session.

For Tai Chi, Meditation and Qigong sessions time will usually last around one hour,  although the first session can take a little longer, because of the set up process. Comfortable clothing, and grippy socks are advised.

Reiki sessions last  one hour and a half minimum.

If you have questions or wish to book your first session please do get in touch either through the phone or text 07985983160, email helenehealing@hotmail.com or facebook.

Sharing Reiki and Meditation Practice

I wanted to try and talk a little about the value of sharing practice. Whether we are talking about our meditation practice or our Reiki practice or for that matter our tai chi practice, coming together is great. There are several reasons why that is the case.


1- Meeting other practitioners- a great motivator!

We practice all these techniques because ultimately they are good for us and those around us. However sometimes it can be a bit daunting to practice all by ourselves for weeks on end, and sometimes our practice will suffer from this and we will start to drop it more and more frequently, thus not getting so many benefits. The opportunity to exchange about our practice is great because we can chat about different techniques we use, we can share things that we have found useful in our practice, share how our practice has gone, we can learn new things, support each other and last but not least we can ask questions! So no more staying in the dark!

All of this combines to keeping our Reiki, Meditation and Tai chi practice fresh, and it helps us to stay motivated knowing that we don’t exist in a vacuum but that we are connected to others, to a network.

2-A different energetic dimension …

When we meet up for a Reiki Share or a Meditation meet up or a tai chi class, the energy there will be very different to what we generate when we are working on our own. For exemple during a Tai Chi group practice the Qi generated by the common practice becomes palpable, the same is true for Group meditation practice. So I encourage you to come and experience this for yourself.

3-Sharing Reiki: 

A fantastic part of the practice of Reiki is that we can share this with others. However often enough Reiki practitioners find themselves not receiving as much reiki as they would like. Let’s face it having a reiki session is fantastic, you are so refreshed and relaxed afterwards! Also there is great value in receiving sessions from other people as they will not necessarily pick up the same things that you would during your self treatments and it can have a great impact.


Having looked at some of the direct benefits of sharing practice I want to encourage you to take part in Reiki Shares and Meditation meet ups. I have now set the ball rolling with our first sessions coming up very soon

For next meditation meet up please check the home page

For the next Reiki Share please check the home page

These now run on a regular basis!

(For Tai Chi classes please check the tai chi pages)

These will take place in our retreat space at 8 Balvonie Street, Inverness, these sessions operate on a small donation basis (for upkeep and supplies)

If you have any questions or wish to book a space for either of these then please get in touch by

email: helenehealing@hotmail.com

by phone or text : 07985 983 160

or leave a comment!

I look forward to seeing you soon