This is a workshop based process to heal deeply and to bring on your skills as an energy healer.

Uncovering Alchemy in your life is the first workshop to start working with your medicine wheel, digging deeper into your relationships with your allies and alchemizing those energies.

This workshop has a wide base of work and we will work from our healing room in Inverness which has many benefits! Not least we may be able to do a fire ceremony outside if weather permits.

This workshop is there for you to grow yourself and your wings!

Workshop content

-Working with the 4 elements: as we are formed from these elements we will work to identify them within ourselves as well as outwith ourselves, we will explore our relationships with these 4 elements and how we can bring them into our lives and healing as allies. Finally we will look at integrating these into our medicine wheel. We will be working with movement, meditation, contemplation as well as actively engaging with the elements.

-Working with Nature: which parts of nature do you have a strong relationship with? we will attune to aspects of nature through the means of journeys and discovering who our nature allies are.

-Working with energy: some of you will be attuned to reiki but we will also look at how we can engage with energy healing without a reiki attunement. We will tune into the earth and learn to work with the energies of Heaven and earth as a base…

-Establishing and integrating allies and healing into your medicine wheel so you may start working with those and begin an integration process. Using intention and an altar

-Recognising what your needs are: we will use a number of different techniques for this, your needs are not necessarily what your mind wants, we will have a look at the different parts of our subtle being and how to remain aligned and centered using practical tools that you will be able to use after the course.

-Using sound to realign and free the outdated programming that dwells in the water in our bodies. We will use a couple of different sounds for this and we will have a relaxing and centering experience working with sound meditation and healing circle.

This is an outline of what will be covered in the course. I want to emphasise that this work is personal so we won’t be working with partners at this time, it is a beautiful journey of discovery and integration.

Things to bring… a comfy mat and cushion for comfort… crystals, water, lunch ( or you can choose to lunch out), a leaf or a twig from a plant you like, love and an open mind…

Dates: saturday 9th and sunday 10th of July 2022

Time 11am till 4pm-both days

Price £150

person performing fire dance at night
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