Individual Tai Chi sessions

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Because some of us never have the time to join a class, or maybe prefer to work on a 1-2-1 basis. Or maybe you would just like to get more input into your tai chi outside of class. If this is the case for you then please get in touch to book a 1-2-1 session. Sessions are conducted in our retreat space where you can fully relax and feel at peace. During 1-2-1 sessions I look in more detail at breath work, the movements that you are currently practising, the flow of qi, relaxing your body and clearing your mind, standing meditation… Each session is tailored to you and your needs.

Origins of Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan on ancient scroll


Practising standing meditation


Practising the wuji stance

If you are interested to find out more or would like to book your first session then please get in touch either phone or text on 07985983160 or by email
Timings, duration and costs:

Times for booking are flexible just get in touch to find a suitable time.