Beyond learning the tai chi set

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Great news! We had 5 students finishing the set last week! Well done to them, they have worked hard and have worked consistently for a year or a bit more for others. But what does that mean….? As we know Tai Chi is a lifelong practice. Learning the moves to any tai chi set in like taking a step into a much larger world. Our students have learnt the 108 moves of the yang style, long form tai chi set and now they are on the first rung of the ladder. The hard work starts now, working beyond the moves is what awaits them. Developing their energy, the flow of that energy, developing the connections in their bodies. That is their next step. And that is why tai chi is a lifelong practise. To me it is a bit like the air that we breathe. Personally, It puts me in phase with myself, activates my whole being, I could not be without it. And so we are going to begin ‘refining’ the set this week. I wish them all good luck, and many years of joyful practice.