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Wednesday tai chi is moving!

Our Wednesday evening tai chi class is moving premises. From Wednesday 25th of October the class, which used to be held in Milton of Leys primary, will now be held at 34 high street (Yee’s hung ga Kung fu school). The time is also changing and is being brought forward to start at 6pm, the class will run until about 7:30pm. In this class we will now have time to do some qigong warm up before starting our tai chi practice which is a great bonus. 

Prices remains as before, £7 for a single session or £35 for a 6 session card. 

Just bring a warm jersey, maybe a yoga mat, some water, flat shoes and you are all set!

Please do get in touch if you have questions 



Improver Tai Chi Class

This class is open to all who attend the Friday class (or a tai chi class regularly) and want more practice and wish to improve their understanding of the form, breath work, how qi works… Currently we are working a qigong set at the beginning of this class and we will be developing our listening skills in the tai chi set over the next while, which will include some light partner work. 

The Friday class is a beginner/ general practice class, where we introduce the form and it is officially our beginners class. 

These classes are both part of your highlife membership  if you have one.



Hope to see many of you there, happy practice 

Summer holiday 2016 tai chi classes timetable

Dear friends as the summer holiday is fast approaching, I thought I would drop a line as to the times and sessions for the upcoming Tai Chi classes.

Milton Of Leys Primary School Classes

Here are the classes that remain at this location for this session

Wednesday 15th of  June 7:30 pm till 8:30 pm (community room)

Wednesday 22nd of June 7:30 pm till 8:30 pm (community room)

Wednesday 29th of June 7:30 pm till 8:30 pm (community room)

I have now booked the community room to start up again on Wednesday the 31st of August.

Inverness Leisure centre classes

Here are the classes that remain at this location for this session

Friday 17th of June 11 am till 12 (sports hall 2)

Friday 24th of June 11 am till 12 (sports hall 2)

THURSDAY 30th of June 10am till 11 am (lounge next to pool)

Friday 8th of June 11 am till 12 (sports hall 2)

After that session we will break for 4 weeks and classes will resume on

Friday 12th of August 11am till 12 (sports hall 2)

I hope everyone will have a great summer holiday, and I hope to see you all refreshed in August .



Program of classes for the holidays Easter 2016

Here is the program of Tai Chi classes for the Easter holiday.

Due to Milton of Leys primary school being closed over the holidays we will be missing the next 2 Wednesdays there, and the class will resume on Wednesday the 13th of April at 7:30pm.

The class at Inverness Leisure Center (aquadome) will still be running on a Friday 11 am till midday. It will take place in sports hall 2 on Friday 25th of April, however it is moved to the lower lounge room (next to the pool and overlooking the pond) on Fridays the 1st and the 8th of April, times remain unchanged.  Hope to see you all there.

Have a great Easter holiday and see you soon


The importance of Wuji

When we start Tai Chi, whether our sessions or our very first class we go through our preparation stance which is wuji.

Now, very often we go over this stance very quickly because we do not have enough to time to go into it in great detail. However when you are at home you can take a few minutes to get into this stance properly before starting your tai chi practice.

What is wuji?

To try and explain this very simply, wuji is the  nothingness that precedes anything/everything, it is the absence of thought and movement, it is the quiet that occurs before Tai Chi and to which we return at the end of tai chi.  When there is separation , movement then yin and yang occur and that is Tai Chi. Let’s take a look at a couple of diagram that attempt to explain it.

Before we start to move, before Tai Chi can occur there is wuji.

Why is this important to my practice?

When you practice or cultivate this stance before your tai chi session you will be in a better frame of mind and will be better able to observe your practice therefore getting more out of it. Your body will be relaxed and will have released a lot of tensions and be better able to do tai chi.

How do I practice Wuji?

Get into you preparation stance. Feet shoulder width apart and pointing forward, hands relaxed by your side, shoulders relaxed. Open your joints, have a slight bend in the knees and put your hips in neutral  (not forward or back), the lower half of your body feels heavy and rooted, the upper half light and pulled gently up. Breathe normally through your nose and stay like this for a few moments maybe even a couple of minutes. After this you can open tai chi. At the end of your practice return into wuji stance and stay there a few more moments.

This teaches us to take time to empty ourselves before our practice so that we can get replenished.

If you manage to get some time to practice this, please let me know how it felt, if it made a difference to your practice. 

Feel free to post a comment or to ask questions if you have any. 

Happy practice!

Improver Tai Chi Class at Inverness Leisure 

I am very pleased to announce that as well as  running a Tai Chi class at Milton of Leys Primary (THIS CLASS HAS NOW MOVED TO 34 HIGH STREET, times are 6 pm till 7:30 pm)school which takes place on Wednesdays during the school term, and is held in the community room 7:30 pm until 8:30 pm and a beginners Friday class at the Inverness Leisure center  11-12, sports hall 1 , I am now running a second improver class at Inverness Leisure center in sports hall 2 on Mondays 11 till 12.

This class is for people who practice Tai Chi and is more group based. We look at different parts of the Tai Chi form as well as weight transfer, breathing, cleaning up moves…you do not need to have practiced for very long to come along, but please note that learning the form now takes place on a Friday.

For all the classes please wear comfortable clothing and flat comfortable shoes, you might want to bring a bottle of water. Tai Chi has many great benefits provided that one practises regularly. This yang style, long form sequence helps you to relax whilst working out your whole body. The form classes are suitable for all abilities and levels as it can be adapted to suit the needs of each person. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience and learn Tai Chi in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

This new class is included on your highlife membership if you have one

For more information please check the following page here

Some Tai Chi benefits:

Balances your immune system

Builds your core muscles: has great long term benefits for people suffering from lower back problems and knee problems for example.

Stretches your ligaments to help you keep a full range of movements

Works on your body/mind/spirit connection, improving our general state of wellbeing

Tai Chi is also a great mood improver and can help when we are feeling low.

Come and try it for yourself and see how Tai Chi works for you